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  1. Mash


    Tee Hee, Aye, thought the same myself Mate 😂
  2. Thanks Matey 👍 I'll give it another bash tomorrow if I get a chance. It was cleaned up beforehand, but maybe I could up the heat a bit as it was using up the wire pretty quick? It will be reinforced more as well and I still have to weld on the captive nuts. I also have to increase the diameter of the hole, as it was a classic mini plate and the hole is marginally smaller. I also ordered one of these last night https://www.premiermotorsportdevelopments.co.uk/rwd-conversion-zetec-sump-and-pick-up-pipe---mk12-escort-1563-p.asp as it seemed to be a good deal at under 200 quid delivered i
  3. Started modifying my pedal box for hydraulic clutch today. Not the best welding, but it appears to be solid enough. I'm hoping I'll get better as I do more 😊
  4. If it turns out as well as yours Mate, I'll be well pleased
  5. Thanks John, I think that the recommended angle for the shocks is 8 degrees, does that sound like it will work?
  6. To be fair, I just copied an idea from escortedvan's ST170 project https://www.oldskoolford.co.uk/ipb/index.php?/topic/88933-mk1-escort-st170-conversion-to-be-or-not-to-be/page/3/#comments I knocked up my own alternator brackets and used a cheaper version of the RF idler pulley set up from ebay. I'll see how it goes. My latest problem is the clutch. I'm using an RX8 box and have a selection of remote master cylinders, plus a clutch master and slave setup I got spare with my MK Indy. the slave is a Wilwood, earlier version of this one:- https://www.wilwood.com/MasterCylinde
  7. Thanks for that Matey I'll see what I can sort out.
  8. Got my roll over jig now so hoping to get on with some work on the brackets for the rear axle. Also have some strengthening brackets for the front chassis legs/bulkhead, so I'll be putting them on too. got the axle stripped down, so I can get on with positioning the anti-tamp brackets once I've got the chassis end brackets welded on. Also finally got my discs on my new struts and modified the Wilwood brackets to fit. Have started to fit the exhaust manifold, but its an Ashley, so it's going to need some cutting and shutting 😒
  9. Had this as my only transport for a while in there somewhere as well and also had a P reg 1300 Mk2 which I got off my Dad and then whacked a 1600 crossflow into, but can't find a photo of that.
  10. then there were a number of others starting with the red one.... Interesting that the red one is listed as having a 1998 engine, but when I sold it it had the 1600 version in it. I suppose, I'd done all the hard work, so he just bought the bigger engine and shoved it in. Also the RS2000is listed as red, so I suppose it was re-sprayed after I flogged it....
  11. So following on from my other thread, I dug the only other pictures I could find of the MK1s and 2s I've owned. Sad thing is that it appears that none of them are still n the road 😭 This was my first (on the left)
  12. Aye, I bought the shell in about 1980, flogged it in about '83 so that ties in with the records.. Bought a mk2 RS2000 then (pictures to follow later). That had had a bit of a chequered life too...... Previous to them, had a mk1 Mex which was immaculate, flogged for £650 😭, then a Mk2 Escort 1100 popular. Turned the pop into a flat front pinto engined beast, which I flogged for peanuts in the end too.......
  13. Bought a rough old shell from some geezer near Manchester, and built it up with bits from the local scrapyard. In those days, you could get pretty much any part you wanted for Mk1s. Built it in my mates corrugated steel shed 😁
  14. Great deal Mate, and I'd have it, but it's way over my budget and I have an ST170 sitting ready to go in mine. Can't understand why no-one else wants it 😕
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