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  1. how's it going with the Escort then Matey? I'm getting there with mine, trying to find the engine number at present, any ideas where it is? found it! rear left, on the flange the gearbox bolts to, outside edge, just above the crank sensor, stamped with a dot punch b the looks of it and really hard to read πŸ˜• Still like toknow how you're getting on though.....
  2. Might want to edit your address out of the pictures too Mate 😐
  3. Not sure why it's hitting, but my bearing is pushed right in, by a couple of mm from memory...
  4. Nice 😁. Didn't Jenn's diner used to be on the old A30? Remember going to a diner there every time I went down that way with the lads. Used to go at least 3 times every year, started when we first left school, and that was way before they built the bypass πŸ˜‚. they did good baps then too!
  5. I've been moving the breather pipe on my cam cover, stealing the idea from you ☺️. but I was thinking about putting the new connector on the opposite side away from the splash plate, any thoughts?
  6. Cracking job mate, I love it ! I'm in the process of doing the same job with my Mk2 Escort Estate, except I'm also fitting an Rx8 gearbox, which has challenges of it's own 😁
  7. Thanks Dude, that's really helpful. Been looking at those coolex rads and they seem like a good deal.
  8. Cracking job Mate ! I have loads of questions though.... What box are you using? Whose rad is it? Where did you get the bracket for the remote reservoirs? I'm putting an ST170 engine in my estate, probably going for an RX8 box, still working on it though......
  9. So I did a refurb job on the bilsteins, and thought I'd try the springs on (they're 180s so eventually I'm swapping them out for something less) for size, but they will not fit over the rubbers πŸ˜•. Anyone have any ideas?
  10. Hmmmm, those were the ones i bought for another project 180lb, so I'll be looking for some others for this one.
  11. Started refurbishing these today too..... Turret kit will be on it's way soon.......
  12. So some new goodies have arrived this week..... Just have to work out where all the brackets go, and then test my welding skills πŸ˜€
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