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  1. Me too Mate. Flogged mine for 650 quid back in about 1979 😭
  2. Yes Mate there was a fair bit of discussion about it when they first announced it a few weeks back. A lovely job, but there was a lot of chat about whether it was worth it or not......
  3. Ahhh, MG, yes, Wolsey, Riley, MG were all pretty much the same in that period. Weather in Dorset is pretty pants at this time of year too 😕
  4. So I'm at the stage of putting the axle back in to get the position of the ATB axle brackets and went over to crack on with it today, only to find that the rear hangers won't fit into my brand new bushes 😕. Turns out the ones I bought last year are wrong, as they have the same diameter upper (chassis) and lower(spring bush) bolts, instead of the smaller diameter lower bolts. So ordered up the proper ones. So I'm stuck with that job for the moment. I have everything else :-
  5. Looking VERY nice 😎 Very jealous of your weather too 🌞. Not to mention your Mk2 Cortina and a Riley (or Wolsey?)!
  6. Anyway, I reckon you'd be better using a Ford power plant/trans, but if you did decide to go down the Mx5 route, this guys is worth a look(might be worth a look anyway).... UrchFab Mongrel
  7. Think you're right there dt 👍😊
  8. Aye, you've hit the nail on the head, it's a Clarke 150. Struggling to get decent results. Can't really afford a better one, but maybe it's time I bit the bullet.
  9. Been doing stuff on the Estate but haven't got around to any photos for a bit, might try and do some tomorrow. Anyway, fitted strengthening triangle plates between the bulkhead and chassis legs, then moved to some more welding on the tunnel and today and yesterday made some mods to the ATB brackets and got them fitted too. None of the welding is brilliant, but it's good enough and it's getting better. Used a post from Turbosport for guidance on fitting the ATB brackets which is really useful and has some great pictures:- Anti tramp bar brackets
  10. Looking good that Gareth, very tidy
  11. Aye, me too and make sure you get a receipt for the engine/box. In fact, while the Mazda is a great option, you might find it easier to get it properly registered later on if you do use a crossflow/pinto or some other Ford unit. Trust me, I'm going through the engine change on the V5c now and it's worrying even with a Ford.
  12. Actually that's pretty good. A place near me wanted over £100 a rim, so I decided to hang on for a bit. I'm thinking about A539s for mine eventually too.
  13. You remember my welding then 😁. Seriously it has got better, but I'll probably use the garage I get all my work done at to do a check/report for me. He's straight as a dye and does all my MOTs and does it by the book. Armed with the info you guys have given me, I'll press on. It's been SORN'd the whole time it's been off the road, and in my name since I bought it last year, so that bit is covered. As long as they give me the opportunity to get it properly sorted I don't mind. I'll be going for historic tax, but it will be MOT'd every year. Thanks for the advice, we'll see........
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