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  1. Yup, that's the stuff I used to trim out the back of my Transit. Sticks like the proverbial.
  2. I used to do the gearbox rebuilds on the dining room table 😂 Needless to say, we lost our deposit when we moved out 😂
  3. Looks really clean n there as usual Gareth, top job! surprised you're 30mm short on the prop length, are you using a type 9? I have a spacer on the diff for mine, but only because I'm using an Rx8 box so it's an adaptor rather than a spacer and I'm expecting to have to cut the Rx8 prop down. I thought the T9 was about the same length as an Rx8.....
  4. dodgy connection in the bulb holder/connector?
  5. Allo John gotta new motor Seriously mucker, welcome and very tidy looking Tina
  6. When I finish the work on the underside (getting there slowly), I'm going to go for a silver finish to contrast the black cross member and rear axle set up.
  7. So yesterday I cut off the old ARB brackets, and today i ground down the remains and stripped off the rest of the paint/light rust. I then took off the plastic breather valve thingy and welded a 3/8 UNF nut to take the banjo bolt and adaptor I have from another job for an extended breather. then I gave it a first coat of hammerite.......
  8. Watched it on Iplayer the other day, a really fitting tribute to her, but very sad obviously. Were some good funny bits in it though as she had a wicked sense of humour. One great bit was when she made Evans puke up . Hadn't seen that before.
  9. Absolutely brilliant job mate
  10. Looks like a fairly good base to start with Mate. Look forward to watching how you get on
  11. H71AB-1007-AC is the part number for the Mk1 5 1/2 alloys D
  12. I was thinking more of the fuel element JB rather than the electrics which are not too bad provided it's not an electric/hybrid 😲 Haven't had to attend a serious RTC involving a hybrid/electric yet, but it's worrying from our point of view, especially if we're cutting people out 😕 Agreed CO2 is best provided you don't inhale, but they do tend to be a bit bigger and heavier for car use.
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