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  1. I think they had their time and not sure how they would look now, If there was a real time warp barn find and had one I'd still take it off , plus you would not be able to see the high level brake light otherwise ,😆
  2. Update , Having had the first chance to drive over the weekend its not too bad, it needs a resolution but soon found other issues more important to resolve first,
  3. Need to sort the insurance on mine so a little discount is always welcome,
  4. It did start as a 1300 XL Auto , but changed to a 2L with Type 9 by a previous owner somewhere along the ownership chain, Might of had an old Sierra hanging about.
  5. The Photo unfortunately doesn't show it properly,Im sure its a Mk2 cable at the bulkhead end as its the large plastic bit fitted, but the actual cable length just seems too long , could it be a Sierra cable ?
  6. Found out why the clutch is a little flaky , Is there an off the shelf solution as it looks like when it was changed from a Auto to manual they used a Mk2 clutch cable and it does not have enough reach to make the pedal come up high enough , Andy
  7. Hi All, After recently regressing back to my childhood and now have 4dr Mk1 , been through all the electrics and they are all ok now but had to replace the heater motor with a Mk2 item, High points a previous owner has fitted a 2L OHC and 5 speed box but does need some fettling to sort it properly (Automatic shell so no buggering about there) , It has had some stripes sprayed a'la Mexico come RS which will be removed but not a high priority yet, Its spent its time with me on axle stands while the brake and suspension and swapped from the original drums to something that works, all the res
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