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  1. Thanks Mike. I'm hoping it all comes together quite quickly now. I've also ordered the 'fast road' kit from DanST engineering. That's a set a ZX10R 44mm bike throttle bodies, CNC machined trumpets, induction manifold and a ME 221 engine management system.
  2. Been a slow month so not much done. Ordered a new timing belt kit, including water pump. Took over 2 weeks to arrive and, of course, it was the wrong one 😑 anyway bit of research led me to realising the belt and tensioner were OK, just needed a 60mm idler pulley instead of the 2 small idlers the kit came with. Quick visit to my local Ford garage and they were able to dig out the part number for a 60mm pulley. Only £75 + VAT from Ford. Called to my independent part supplier, supplied them the part number, overnight delivery for £17 all in 😂. Engine now has new timing belt and new water pump. Pa
  3. Yeah saw that this morning. She was a legend. Funny (for a german) great driver and kind of like a secret dirty fantasy as well.
  4. Totally agree Joe. The sump is a solid piece of kit and extremely well made. The thickness of the material used says it all so im not going to be worried about any oil leaks! Yes it was expensive but it feels worth it.
  5. So today was a big day! I got the retro Ford parts and made a start on getting bits fitted. Next stage is to get the new timing belt on, then fit the new clutch, fly wheel etc then test fit the engine back in. I ordered a genuine Ford rocker cover gasket, oil filter and metal gasket to fit between the mount of the water pump and the engine block. Once they arrive I'll be a bit closer to making noise!
  6. Unfortunately not Mike. I had to go through his shop on E-bay and find all the fittings required. The parts are really high quality and it is next day delivery if you order in time but, they come at a premium. The fuel pressure regulator came as part of a kit with all the fittings required. It's cheap and cheerful but a guy I know who is in the Irish drift scene told me they are reliable and will be perfect for my job.
  7. Well over the last 2 weeks I got the rocker cover finished, the spark plug cover done and made a start on the parts for the fuelling. Going for black braided AN6 hose from torques. Heard it's the most reliable. I bought a fuel pressure regulator kit from ebay (cheap but told they work really well) and got an oil collection can. I've also put in the order with retro Ford so im hoping those parts arrive in the next week.
  8. All progress is good progress Mike. Some of these guys sound like excellent fabricators so I wouldn't be posting too many pictures. Glad to see you're carrying on with the build.
  9. Well the only progress I made this week was drilling the rocker cover for a AN8 bulkhead fitting, rubbing it and priming it and rubbing down the spark plug cover. I tapped out the original oil breather hole with a M12 tap, stuck in a big bolt with locktite and left it ready to be cut off flush.
  10. George is brilliant. Love his shows 👍
  11. Thanks again dt36. I'll bear this in mind for the future. Given how much the engine install is costing, it will be a while before I worry about seats!
  12. You my man, are a star. I'll keep this in mind for future when I start the interior. The seats I have at the moment will do but, are a big snug as I dont have the arse anymore for very sporty seats 😂 thanks dt36.
  13. Ah well. I'll get some better seats down the line but yes, people ask extortionate money these days for anything original.
  14. Does this mean you have 2 recaro front seats going that just needs some netting.....?
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