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  1. Do you run that with a standard ECU or have you bought a proper engine management unit?
  2. You using them then lad? 😉looks like that is just a head lying there doing nothing....
  3. Thanks as well 67 cortina. I'll try to find this as well then consult with my mate who is the brains of this operation!
  4. Thanks Joe. I will have a good read at this. 👍
  5. So today I got the engine on the stand and have started cleaning it up. I had planned using the original induction manifold and fittings but I now realise it is going to foul the fitting if the engine against the bulk head. Can anyone give me an idea of a solution? I wasn't planning going throttle bodies or carbs immediately due to cost.
  6. Hey Mike, great progress. I have a few questions. In the middle photo above, you have a blanking plate covering an air breather hole on your engine block. Where did you get this? I wasn't sure if I needed to keep the original part that went in here? Also, are you going throttle bodies, carbs or keeping original induction manifold system?
  7. I have a Toyo sport alloy radiator in my car. Guess I'll see how everything lines up to see what hoses i will finish using. Kinda hoping that RF might give a little discount as I'm going to be putting a large order in come Monday 🤞
  8. The advantage of the retro ford kit is that the hose kit they provide is guaranteed to fit their water rail. Plus the fan controls and thermostat are all in 1 package so im leaning towards the RF kit. Unless you know otherwise Katana?
  9. I've watched videos of trying to get the spigot bearing out. Not looking forward to it. Hopefully you get something hot inside you to get warmed up. Must look up race line water rail. I was gonna buy a retro Ford one, from Burton power as they are £20 cheaper there!
  10. Its my mates garage Mike. He is a Land Rover specialist but wants to work on my mk 1. Says it's a fun change from range rover sports! We are going tomorrow to collect the Focus then will rolling road it to see what we are working with. Hopefully pull the engine out shortly after. Its getting real!
  11. Welcome to the forum Craig. Looking forward to seeing how you tackle the project!
  12. Great stuff Mash. I will have a look at my budget and see where I am. I definitely want to save in some areas but the sump im willing to splash out on. Hope you are documenting your installation as well for future reference. Just call me Gareth 👍
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