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  1. Got her back today in time for my first run tomorrow. I'm so happy!
  2. Power seems low and torque seems high so actual driving will need done to see what the car feels like.
  3. This happened yesterday..... Car sounds epic running. Just need the bonnet back on, few minor things reattached then fluid levels checked then ready for the road. The garage guys are not out and out tuners so we made 146bhp and 265Nm. I'll get a picture later. I need to go to a bespoke tuning place to unlock the full power the car has as they aren't sure why we are not making the full power expected. Cant wait to hit the road though! 20210803_162818.mp4
  4. Thats a serious amount of work. Fair play!
  5. Im totally delighted with the fact the car starts up! I wasn't up this week so no new pics but, been chatting to the lads who have been tinkering away. Basically all is needed now is to sort out a spark issue on cylinder 1. They think it's the coil pack so new 1 ordered. Once that is sorted its onto the rolling road so sort out the map and see if we can run it! I'm hoping to have big progress report this week as there is a drive out I'm registered for in 9 days!
  6. I was thinking you might have rolled the arches! Freshened up well there.
  7. First video of the engine running. Still needs set up correctly but I'm getting closer to actually driving it! VID-20210722-WA0000.mp4
  8. Saying its been in the family since new keeping it standard is a must. Matching numbers car and all that! A bit of TLC, a few shiny bits here and there and you will have a stunning motor with loads of family memories. Welcome to the club!
  9. Thats a serious amount of work. Well done!
  10. I'd go FWD Street sleeper. Definitely a Zetec or ST170 conversion and keep the outside of the car stock looking. It's a cracking looking motor so fair play to you guys for rescuing it.
  11. Ian, I've went down the Dan ST engineering route for the throttle bodies. They are from a kawasaki zx9r I believe and are 45mm running on 300cc injectors. They come with the manifold and full fitting kit for around £695. Other people run ZX6R throttle bodies which are 40mm. Getting the manifold to mount the throttle bodies is the big expense. The exhaust manifold is from retro Ford and is their cheaper version which, I think, is a copy. Its 4 into 1 and is 2.5". I'm running the ME 221 engine management system which will.control the VVT and I've also mounted a vernier pulley on the exhaust cam.
  12. So real life got in the way of this install and didn't get much done during May and biggest end of June. Last week managed to get the exhaust manifold properly fitted and the custom exhaust is now built up until the axle. Just the bends around the axle to make then attach the nice oval stainless steel box I picked up. Coolant system was also custom made with stainless steel pipes so finishing part of that will be the 'T' join to put the bottom heater box hose into it to complete the circuit. Hoping to have a further update in 2 weeks.
  13. Yeah you can use the 1.8 zetec flywheel and a used clutch to keep the price down. Hopefully you can pick up a decent gearbox and bell housing as well. Yes I have a thread on the build in the restoration page on here. Just look up installing a ST170 engine.
  14. How about this? https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/154488226800?hash=item23f83743f0:g:lLQAAOSwsNFgwkoa Your issue then is getting all the bits to make it fit. I'm in the middle of an ST170 install at the minute and I'm running around the 5 grand mark. I've used the retro Ford stage 2 kit which is just over 3 grand. I then bought Dan ST engineering throttle bodies and a ME 221 engine management system which was another £1650. Add in fuel pump, filter, fuel lines, fuel pressure regulator, new radiator fan, coolant hoses and the price soon adds up. You will save a bit using your emerald as long as it can run the VVT. However, once finished I'll have a fuel injected engine, running around 190bhp.
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