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  1. I thought you were going to put a ST170 engine in there? The YB is some power upgrade over that! Your pace on this build is amazing.
  2. Welcome to OSF! Hope you get out on the road to enjoy that capri 👍
  3. Very bling! No idea what size I'll go for yet, but need something to fill my bubble arches!
  4. Those are on my list as well. New or refurbished alloys. What size did you go for?
  5. Waiting on a few parts to arrive now for the cooling system then I hope to get stuck in a see if we can get the engine firing before the end of May. My mate made a start on the stainless steel exhaust but his TIG welder packed in so that needs sorting before we can finish that. The throttle body kit and ECU arrived so did a test fit and it looks great!
  6. Thats amazing progress! Guess you definitely know what you're at plus it appears you have access to lots of parts!
  7. I starting my driving on 4 wheels (tractor), then went to 2 wheels, (suzuki 125), then 3 wheels (Honda 185 trike) before moving into cars. I did ride a SV650 for 14 years as well.
  8. I reckon a lot of people on this site most likely learnt how to drive on either a fergie or a MF35.
  9. Loving the pair of 135's! Great taste that man. 👌
  10. Yeah the fella I bought it of had done a great job. Im looking forward to putting my own touches on it but will be a long road. Has your brother got carbs?
  11. Nice job! Well I know exactly what you will be going through when it comes to parts. Sounds like you have the most expensive bits already sorted so you'll throw it together in no time!
  12. So it was you who picked up the bargain! Fair play. Good luck with the build. Is the engine gonna be pinto or cross flow?
  13. Cheers Donk. I had found this and was wondering if 25mm would have been enough. I'll get up to check on Monday as my throttle body kit should have arrived by then. The next question I had was exactly what katana had said, would the group 4 spacer fit the English axle flange. I think colr6 has answered that question.
  14. Bet you had some smile on your face after the shake down! I had a quick look on ebay for a spacer but nothing came up. I'll spend a bit more time looking again soon. Won't be anything done on my car for 2 weeks as got a work commitment that is going to take up my time. Hopeful to be out for a spin before the end of May though 🤞
  15. Donka, If I were to cut a hole for the gearbox riser plate now it would create a huge amount of work. The cutting and welding would be big enough but, due to having no carpets, the tunnel is currently exposed and is body colour. It would be the last option on my list but, can't be ruled out.
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