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  1. Here’s a couple of pics of my dads old Rs2000 for you to see where I get my love from
  2. I’ve been looking at these as I fancy a mk2 sport and they look like they have a few in
  3. I haven’t I’ve just started to look really I’ve seen a few on eBay but I’m not to sure what I should be paying for one I would like a 2 door with a 2 litre engine and a usable car.but I am open to what is available and go from there I would like the best I can get haven’t got a budget as I am still finding my feet but I don’t want to break the bank
  4. Here’s a pic of when I had both mk1 and mk3
  5. Hi I am Adam I am a big Ford fan I currently have a mk1 focus Rs and have also had a mk3 focus rs with the mountune kit. I would love to get a mk2 escort so I have joined here. I feel it’s a itch I need to scratch. I grew up with mk2 escorts my dad had 3 rs2000’s and a mk2 escort van with rs2000 running gear in so I feel now the time to try and get into one .
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