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  1. Hi I've have had a look at my 100E one and started some conversion work on it but at the moment it looks like i'll end up with the cylinders pointing at my legs ( not good ) and has i've a escort pedal one spare I thought I'd see if I can get measurements to convert it I dont necessarily need it to be bias system just need to bring cylinders in to car ( need the room under bonnet ) Cheers
  2. Hello first apologies to admin I did post else where on forum before seeing that we are ment to put first post one this page. I am based in Hailsham East Sussex and working on a 100E What I'm trying to find is X. Y. Z.. measurements so that I can convert and escort pedal box to a bias type box I know that I can bye one ready done as someone suggsted but where's the fun in that when you have a workshop full to tools and a spare pedal box. So if any body could take a coulpe of measurements I would be Gratefull. Cheers Nibor 1
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