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  1. Series 1 (white), Series 2 (green) If its S1, then I’d be keen to have it as both mine have started to go around the headlamps
  2. If you are still struggling with this (and assuming it is the same as the Scheel seats in my RS1600i) it ‘just pulls off’ as you say. I put that in inverted commas as they can be bloody hard to budge. Gently warming the plastic sometimes helps.
  3. Well I am of a certain age and had a mk3 RS1600i and two S1 RS Turbos (working in a Ford dealership who wouldn’t!) back in the day, but never had a 205. I bought this one one a bit of a whim and in boxes, but it is a little cracker. I think the RSi looks way better, but A-B the 205 (mine is a 1.6) would probably edge it and even if it was a dead heat, the 205 pilot would have had a much easier time keeping it between the hedges. The 1.6 in the Pug is soooo revvy as well, mine was newly built and has a few thousand miles on it now so has just loosened up nicely. In my opinion, the problem with
  4. I absolutely love this 😍 Hit me up if you ever want rid of it...
  5. Hi All, Just joined this friendly place as owner of two Escort RS1600i's - not quite old enough, but it's a matter of time right? Bit of a serial collector and fettler and importantly driver of retro metal, located near Penrith in Cumbria. The list is currently: RS1600i - black, 'late '83 RHD, turbocharged rolling resto (engine out for a rebuild at the mo); RS1600i - white, early '83 LHD French import, solid as solid but tatty getting a full restoration as we speak '92 Pug 205 GTI, 1.6 in red - fully restored a couple of years back '90 Audi 80 B3 20v Coupe Quat
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