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  1. Thanks, i was looking at a 277mm disc and AP5100 caliper but was just crossing my fingers it would fit under 13s Yours seems pretty close to same sizing so there might be hope
  2. What size wheel do you plan on putting this under? Oh yes a millington would be nice, i actually sold my cossie head to move towards a duratec in the future! (ducks for cover)
  3. 6 Piston brakes? what size rotor/disc? What could be better then a cossie in there?
  4. Unfortunately my inlaws had some recent bushfires come really close to their house. Crazy times. But took the car out after having it in storage for 6 weeks due to our house renos going on
  5. Importing out of japan is also an option i looked at when prices were rocketing. Look for the LS/LX series Poor condition ones sell for next to nothing and postage actually isnt that bad (pre covid) anyway Those Corbeau seats look great and id def run them.
  6. I ended up selling the spare seats i had after the trimmer redid them. I sold 2 for 700aud and the guy relisted them a few days later for like 2000. Wish id kept them and resold nowadays where prices seem to be a bit crazy.
  7. Awesome i love the idea of weight saving. Would motor bike calipers work? fair bit of weight diff to work for? might overheat them easily Could cut alot out, steel brackets to alloy etc. Or just go carbon body like afhaholics https://www.alfaholics.com/our-cars/completed-builds/gta-r-300-carbon-build-023/bare-carbon-bodyshell/
  8. Got married and took the kid for his first drive!
  9. What shop do you have? This is some netting i got off ebay sold as a fishnet replacement and it was horrible - way too thin and distorted when the trimmer tried to put it in. Even he was not happy with the it. We went back to some original netting i managed to track down (by buying 2 extra seats just for their headrests - My ocd extends that far) Still to this day when the misses drags me into a fabric shop i keep a keen eye, Considering these ebay sellers sell a small amount of this netting for decent money if you found a good match youd be on a gold mine. I even reached out to
  10. Best place is finding an intact headrest. I ended up buying 4 seats to make one mint pair - otherwise just look at any local fabric/hardware store and hope to find a match. I reached out to few trimming places in the UK (im in Aust) and no one had a good replacement.
  11. Plans for the car post renos are a brake upgrade! Ive been looking at the Reyland motorsports site and sent off an email - seems they can make what ever size disc size i like. The difficult thing is in Aust i need a caliper that retains dust boots, which limits the amount of AP calipers i can use. Have purchased a gartrac pedal box and managed to piece together the rear disc kit from a r31 skyline caliper kit - common calipers used in aus for rear disc conversions. Will see how it all pans out post reno! And a parting shot - holding good company at the mechanics
  12. Had the car featured on Stanceworks https://stanceworks.com/2020/03/grand-touring-robert-blizzards-1978-mkii-ford-escort-gl-photography-by-josh-castle/
  13. Collected some parts for a complete suspension overhaul. GRP4 front struts with bilstein inserts, rear shocks and every bush replaced with superpro bushes King lowered rear leafs Dropped the ride height overall
  14. Car has had to be put in storage while we do some house renos but over Xmas i was inspired by this thread. I reached out to this guy and he actually sent me some rubbers he had pressed so i replicated it with my pedals. I like the resto mod feel http://craftomoto.com/custom-omp-ford-capri-pedals/
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