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  1. Only issue when you slide it sideways it starves of fuel and lets you down!
  2. i have these as spare, unsure what they are.
  3. Yep sometimes you have to be in the right place at the right time with these things, i was lucky like that with mine also. Cant believe how good condition its in, luckily our weather tends to help in there storage situations. On the aussie forums i was able to pick up some mint spot lights for 100 bucks. Maybe join up there and put up a wanted thread, its more aussie based and does have some action - https://www.classic-ford.org/cfp/default.aspx
  4. Awesome mate, i wondered where this went - cant believe scott was able to find it. Def a true barn find Sometimes spot lights come up on ebay but finding decent condition ones is very tricky so might be best picking up average ones and piecing them together
  5. I feel that, we had a snap 7 day lock down and other then work (Im a nurse) i had no motivation to even mow the lawns.
  6. How did you go with this? in yet? how are you finding the headunit?
  7. Whole car sold? What does the hallscort suspension upgrade consist off? seems a few people do it but im unsure whats involved
  8. Speakers are just some 6inch random ones that were in there, i dont think they are anything special. Like you i just need some background noise and sometimes i just switch everything off to hear that 32/36 sing. lol I wouldnt hack an intact parcel shelf either, they would be a very rare item. I used the oem radio backing plate and some 3mm bar to help hold the radio in place to prevent sagging, i dont think the radio will fit with that bar there.
  9. The navigation of the screen is not too bad, its just i dont really navigate through it that often so tend to make the wrong movements but after a minute or two of playing i get what i want. I think the style your going for will look really good and suit the car well. Id imagine as you have a newer unit in the car now the console has had that metal support cut out to fit a single din? thats all i had to do to fit this.
  10. I got mine from a different site from where your looking but im sure most can be customized to what you want. I went all black because black works with everything and being plastics i was worried the chrome would feel a bit cheap and or even flake off etc. That been said the car is a sunday cruiser and would never see the constant use like an oem stereo would. Yeah i like the needle, wish it moved though. The screen/display is very basic and pretty tricky to read in certain light, green is also one of the worse colours but you can change that but it does suite the rest of the console. Even though the display is pretty bad everything is run from my phone bar a few preset radio stations so its not that bad. Hope these posts helped, im really glad i put this head unit in, looks good, performs well and it drove me nuts looking down and seeing some modern thing.
  11. this may be of some worth, i pulled this clock console apart to put this stereo in. The two units side by side. It was from a Ghia i believe And another shot with stereo included, to see how it all sits. Didnt realise i did not have any decent photos of it installed
  12. Ive gone one like this, it looks kinda oem but when you jump in it hooks up to bluetooth and lets me use maps/handsfree etc which is nice and handy. I also set it to green to match the rest of the console. It also has a small ford logo along with the numbers on the screen so when its off it looks non digital. If i was to be picky the ford logo is slightly blurry, im pretty ocd and ive let it slide but if you want everything perfect it wouldnt do. Not sure if its just mine or. Also the photo resolution is horrible, its def not that bad Its not a cheap unit, although id imagine they wouldnt be that expensive to make but they are going for a niche market. Speakers wise i have some pods on my rear parcel shelf held in by the restraint holes/bolts. Tbh i didnt like them much but wasnt sure where else to put them and put a nice ford racing emblem on them and they are painted to match my car. ill get a photo next time im close to the car, i dont have any on hand I got it from, they are australian based which is nice https://www.retrosoundusa.com.au/index.php?l=search_list&s[title]=Y&s[short_desc]=Y&s[full_desc]=Y&s[sku]=Y&s[match]=all&s[cid]=0&s[search]=ford+escort
  13. Thanks, i was looking at a 277mm disc and AP5100 caliper but was just crossing my fingers it would fit under 13s Yours seems pretty close to same sizing so there might be hope
  14. What size wheel do you plan on putting this under? Oh yes a millington would be nice, i actually sold my cossie head to move towards a duratec in the future! (ducks for cover)
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