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  1. Lot of brass!!! But you could buy a bloody good original I think? Bit scared of escort prices these days! Start giving me sleepless nights with 'If only I hadn't flogged my mk1 mex' type of thoughts!!
  2. Have you guys seen this?
  3. Glad it's not just me! It's sneaking em past the Mrs That's the tough bit... 😉
  4. As you can see it's getting a bit out of hand!
  5. Got rather too many projects on but good fun. Yes I reckon try and get it running first off and as you say, tested to be safe. It's surprising what they spot you've missed no matter how careful you are.
  6. At first glace needs sills, bit on rear arch but rest mainly cosmetic. I'll get her up in the air and get a proper look soon.
  7. More room under bonnet than I'd realised!
  8. Good advice thanks. The old girl has been in storage for years, last tested in 98 I think.. I'm hopefully getting it delivered tomo evening if my mate is away from work soon enough. Shifted my bikes around garage to make room..I'll post some pics when I get organised. Thanks again..
  9. Ta for that I had thought about Mazda twin cam and box as being cheap and available but then got stuck on idea of ford. Doesn't matter so long as it's fun! Anyone done one?
  10. Hi folks. Just acquired a Ford Prefect, I think '59. Making space in the garage for it this weekend. I've had loads of escorts and capris over the years and had a lust for a mk1 Escort again but my pockets aren't deep enough... Wondering about the possibility of making the Prefect a bit more fun and useable with a crosflow, 5 speed box and better brakes! I imagine this is all possible if I threw enough brass at it but can it be achieved with middling expense and some wrenching skills? All advice gratefully received! Thanks.
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