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  1. No worries, what's your budget, I'll send you sum pictures of them , send me your email cheers
  2. Hi there John, I'm waiting for my new wheels to turn up and have a set of sa wheels in very good condition and tyres are in very good condition, I'll post again when I get them mark
  3. Thanks for that ,have you used them and how do they fitt ?
  4. Looking for type 9 5 speed gearbox, so I can exchange it for reconditioned one , anyone know or have one for sale 😉
  5. Thanks so much sebspeed, I ended up buy one of each , thanks so much for the offer 😀
  6. Hi guys Anyone got a engine crane and engine stand for sale or to borrow in or near the Gatwick area don't mine travelling to collect need it ASAP cheers
  7. I've just look at them there 13,5 code ends -ac can anyone shed light As well 75 stamp on back? Cheers
  8. Hi guys What's the code for genuine mk1 escort rs alloy wheels ? Cheers mark
  9. Hi chaps Looking for a used type 9 , 5 speed To part exchange for refurbished one Has anyone got a worn out box cheers mark
  10. No thanks as your in Boston 

  11. Anyone out there have a good engine and type 9 gearbox, I'm looking for either a st170 engine or a 2.5 duratec, or if a lot of you guys are changing out you 2.1 pinto for engines above I'll be interested in pinto , thanks
  12. Hi guys , where can we get new rubbers for rear lenses ? Cheers
  13. OK I've found one now for half that cheers so much
  14. Hi xp19777 I did send you a message regarding spoiler, I don't know if you got it ? If you could please text me back regarding offer cheers mark
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