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  1. Coil or coil-connections.
  2. https://www.escortrs.co.uk/mk2e/rearclusterseals.html
  3. Hello SIR ! Don't forget the Brexit Vista, visiting the UK and also buying or selling parts from/to the UK has become much more difficult. Parts from the UK have become 30% more expensive. The 'old' BDE did 177 bhp on the engine dyno. I changed to a 4-bolt head 2 years ago with a bit wilder inlet cam (L1).
  4. Thanks all. The colour is Sebring Red by the way, not a Mk2 colour but that's how MCD sprayed Clark's car.
  5. Have a set of Gecar lenses unfortunately the right side one has a bit missing ... see photo. If it is any good to you, you can have it for postage.
  6. Well maybe "one day" has come early 😀 ; think I have a right hand Gecar lense in storage. Will have a look.
  7. Hello all, after lurking for some time decided to register on OSF. My name is Leon and live in the Netherlands. Many moons ago we had an Escort RS Club (Mk1 and Mk2) but that has ceased to exist. We (my mate Aad, his car is on the Minilite Retards Club page, and myself) organised the RSOC European Event in Baarlo (speedwaytrack) in 1992-1994 and the Classic Ford Event in Venlo 2010-2014. See vid: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ofqak2kuWsc For over 25 years I own a Mk2 RS. Car is a '79 RS2000 restored/rebuild with Roger Clark's Manx 1981 MCD car in mind. Strengthened shell, Sa
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