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  1. Since a couple of years there is a new 235/50x13 tyre on the market. Search for Galaxy Vitour Formula.
  2. @RP2000: my thoughts are with you and your family sir. I quit my job March last year to look after my mum 24/7 who had dimentia and artritis as because of Covid the "normal" health support was unavailable so I kinda know what its like. Take care.
  3. Alas, Covid19 restrictions ...
  4. Think I still a new set of these (Ford) in the garage so can take measurements. https://www.burtonpower.com/brake-discs-front-pair-ford-fiesta-mk1-mk2-not-xr2-di834391.html
  5. Have a look at discs for a Fiesta Mk1/2. These are 221x10 .
  6. With respect to rear lights, Escorts do have side lights both OS and NS. Is bulb broken or not seated properly? For front bulb holder I use an aftermarket small bulb plus holder pushed into a rubber grommet in the front lights. Bulb is a tight fit in grommet so stays in place. Could not find NOS bulb holders nor anything like it. That was years ago.
  7. A can of black paint for the numberplate? 😀
  8. Had a look, only have left hand side 1/4 glass.
  9. Clear glass or tinted? I have some glass in storage.
  10. No they are not. F50, F6, F66 tubes are used becaue of small differences within the carbs. Main, air and idle jets are selected beacuse of differences in carbs and criteria for exhaust emmissions and mpg.
  11. Looking at the lenses are those lights for RHD or LHD?
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