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  1. This was the thread I found and that's not me in the rally pic btw... just another image of the car I found long before my time with her. 😀 It was hand painted white with the blue side stripe when I bought it and it was grey primer when I sold it after I very stupidly stripped it.. (Teenage years eh.... 🙄) I didn't understand the V5 doc issue at 2005 tbh... I just thought that meant it had changed hands again?
  2. Hello all, Just found your lovely forum (some nice motors here!!) and would like to find out what happened to my bubble arched / rally prep'd - white RS 1600 - Reg: EKD 866L if poss. I sold it in Portsmouth in 1989ish and have regretted selling it ever since...... Ive done some google mining and can see its history on the DVLA site and then also found a pic from this forum where the reg (surely not the car?) was used for a police car in the "life on mars!" BBC series. Hopefully its still around and any other info would be greatly appreciated. Thanks
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