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  1. Thank you! Yes it still looks good after all these years it been stored in a barn. My grandfather told me they widened the original rear bubblefenders when they changed the rules about tire width and were allowed to mount as wide tires they wanted.
  2. Thank you! I will check if I have them somewhere hopefully today. I'm just curious, what can people do with the number in the picture I posted? Got a little worried here if it was a bad idea? Can you delete the picture completely instead if editing it?
  3. Thank you! How can I edit my post and delete the picture of the VIN-number, if you recommend me to do that?
  4. Hi everyone! My name is Joacim and I'm a new member here from Sweden. Recently I became a proud owner of an Escort Mk1 Lotus Twin Cam. I bought it from my grandfather who has owned it since it was new 1969. He bought it from Ford UK and was racing with the car for about 4 years, after that it has not been driven but unfortunately my uncle took it apart to use parts for his own racingcars years later. Now I finally own the car after years of persuasion. My dream is to restore the car to original top condition. The car has never been registered here and I want to register the car to be able to drive it on public roads here in Sweden. I'm not sure my grandfather can find the papers when he bought the car so I wonder if there's anyone out here who knows if there's possible to get any papers through Ford in UK or something like that? Is it possible they have info about the cars they sold during this time stored somewhere? I add some pictures of the car and the VIN-number. What info can I get from the VIN-number? Best regards, Joacim from Sweden
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