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  1. Thank you! Yes it still looks good after all these years it been stored in a barn. My grandfather told me they widened the original rear bubblefenders when they changed the rules about tire width and were allowed to mount as wide tires they wanted.
  2. Thank you! I will check if I have them somewhere hopefully today. I'm just curious, what can people do with the number in the picture I posted? Got a little worried here if it was a bad idea? Can you delete the picture completely instead if editing it?
  3. Thank you! How can I edit my post and delete the picture of the VIN-number, if you recommend me to do that?
  4. Hi everyone! My name is Joacim and I'm a new member here from Sweden. Recently I became a proud owner of an Escort Mk1 Lotus Twin Cam. I bought it from my grandfather who has owned it since it was new 1969. He bought it from Ford UK and was racing with the car for about 4 years, after that it has not been driven but unfortunately my uncle took it apart to use parts for his own racingcars years later. Now I finally own the car after years of persuasion. My dream is to restore the car to original top condition. The car has never been registered here and I want to register the car to be abl
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