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  1. Hi All, I did a member introduction in the other sub forum, but thought I'd start a project thread here for my Estate. Background: My dad has had a 105e saloon since the 70's and it firmly part of the family. This car spurned my interest in classic cars and in 2005 I bought a 997 Deluxe. Sold it 2 yrs later to get an MGB which I kept until I emigrated to the US in 2016. Since then I have been missing have a project car. After considering a lot of American metal and discounting most of it as being too expensive or undesirable. I was close to getting a Chevrolet Corvair, but the owners attitude put me off. I also want a Ford Mustang Bullitt (the new ones) but the used prices have gone crazy at present, so that is on hold for a few years. While lamenting this all to my dad, he said 'Well why don't you have my estate?' This is a 1965 LHD Anglia 106E that he bought locally on eBay in 2014, from someone who imported it from the south of France. He purchased it as at the time he intended to retire over there, but circumstances changed and it;s been sitting in his garage along with 6 other classics he's finally decided to get rid of. Naturally I jumped at the chance! The main requirement for shipping was that it can drive on and off a RORO ferry, so the main work so far has been getting it to that state. It was last on the road in 1991 so needed a lot of mechanical work despite being very sound bodily. That is how it's been sitting, so I got to work with the credit card sending my dad all the bits needed to get it running. Predictably needed all new brakes, a carb rebuild, some electronics and an exhaust. The rocker shaft was seized on cylinder 3 meaning both valves were open, but a clean up fixed that easily. Here is a summary: This was the thermostat: Fuel tank was awful inside, but decision on whether to clean it or not was made when it was removed: Shiny new Alumunium one was bought: Interior tidied up nicely: Wheels got painted before new tyres went on The clutch was stuck, so this photo was the last photo taken before it left its resting place for the last 7 years for good: Thankfully driving it around a field a few times freed the clutch off, so it is now ready to ship to me in the US pending the paperwork coming through! That's where we are at for the moment, I will keep you posted. Here is my dads 105e, the car that started it all: Dad has also given that to me, but I have nowhere for it at present but as this has already been modified with Cortina 1500GT running gear, I plan to do some period Cosworth style modifications to it, but that's for a different thread.
  2. Thank you! Funny enough, I found 2 in the city I live in! But they are saloons. I know of only 3 other estates in the entire country. 1 has been heavily converted and is basically a drag car now, the other 2 are in California.
  3. Hi All, New member checking in. I had a 105E about 15 years ago, sold it and got into MGB's. Well fast forward to now and I'm living in the US but have just bought a LHD Anglia estate (from my dad ironically, who bought it from someone who imported it from France to the UK). They have spent the last few months getting it running for me so it can be shipped and it is now on its way over here: The main reason I joined however, is my dad also has a 105e Saloon that he has had since the 70's and is what got me into classic cars in the first place. He put a Cortina 1500GT engine in it in the 80's along with a Anglia 1200 gearbox. Here she is: He has now gifted this to me, so my intention is to get it running for him again so he can enjoy it a little bit before it heads over to me (it was last on the road in 1989). My plans for this are to subtly modify it with period accessories and make it a 60's Cosworth homage. So far the plan is to fit an A2 cam, 28/26 Weber, new exhaust manifold, Lotus steel replica wheels and maybe lower it, depending how I feel. Progress on that won't be until next yr but this seems like the place to be when it comes to modifying Anglias, so here I am! Look forward to chatting with you all more.
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