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  1. are you still here mate,have you got the rs done ??????????????? yep still here on and off, mainly on the FTF, RS is all done now, it won the RS registrars car of the day at the AVO national day at Stanford Hall this year well chuffed, heres a pic...... also been fiddling with another mk1 Transit, imported German fire engine, i converted it to rhd and painted it blue....then sold it
  2. Glad you got it back ok, i had a motor nicked and they recovered it, they recovered it to a D+G cars compound where they kept it for a couple of days before i collected it, they billed me £250 recovery plus £20 plus per day storage, it cost me over £300 to get my own car back
  3. prolly was doin 36 mph in a 30
  4. Rainham, Essex, classic old skool ford central
  5. yeh cheers fot the comments, it was in cf last year i think in November,not much time for it at the mo as im locked into the escort
  6. oh and heres my Rs2 nearly done now after 2 years on the roll over jig
  7. well heres a pic of my Transit, its been done over a year now,its running a 2004 2.4 Duratorq diesel eng and box, goes alright hope ya like it
  8. welcome Mark i hope that bit about the camper conversion dosent invvolve more windows
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