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  1. Adjustable strut brace Small hole Good condition £30 + £10 postage or collection
  2. Not sure if this vid around? not seen it before My mate owned the bubble arched mk1 and gave me this on a DVD a few years ago after seeing my RS, just got around to uploading it. https://youtu.be/ISdThRKBokM
  3. mk2 Rs2000 pair of multi leafs wanted please are they the same as sport ?
  4. They are the Wilwood powerlite calipers The kit is on ebay etc - see item number 290510609925 the kit is @£480 new without the disk & cables For some reason I cant copy or paste links on this site but I can on the other Ford sites I go on I (rather annoying) They were fitted under 13 inch /RS wheel with a 25mm spacer to clear the bottom of the caliper, These are often used with a hydraulic handbrake set up. The disks are just under 9.5inch but can obviously be changed.
  5. Escort mk1/mk2 Good condition, adjustable £40 posted
  6. Wilwood rear caliper rear conversion kit, escort mk2 Very good condition, light use only comes with the disks (minimal wear, not vented) Handbrake cables included alloy brackets allow calipers to bolt straight on for English axle £200 posted
  7. Steve_26uk


    I have a new head liner, correct black stuff for an RS but its not cut to size..like a fool i ripped my old one off and chucked it out need one for a pattern, ripped etc is fine Ta
  8. Said he always wanted an RS and after looking at several rot boxes he bought this pre custom, it had two rear arches and a colour change from its signal orange to venetian red at 8 years old! His wife loved it !
  9. He bought this and did it up for his wifes first car.. she wasnt very impressed.. Lotus steels,,they were a fiver each at Looms Scrapyard in Derby.
  10. My mate paul has owned a fair few fords. The one he misses most is his old Mk1 1300 Sport LRC116k in met bronze/brown. He had it sprayed Red with a starsky and hutch stripe (it was late 1970s..) The car is still about, last seen Arnold area, parked up regularly at the Festival where the East midlands meet is held or was? The car is back to its original colour according to the DVLA. If anyone knows it drop me a email.. He banger raced at Long Eaton,,number 116 after the Mk1. New floor plans back then.. Nother mk1 he smashed it up then chopped it up..
  11. if its a 76 car its got the wrong grill,should be the early FORD lettering?
  12. I know what hyou mean. When i view pics on here the right hand side is cut off,,was fine before the site was updated. All fine on other websites,,why?
  13. that is so destinqtive on the back of a trailer,,,the more press the better..ANPR is on most major routes,,but probably wont pick up the towing car reg,,it would read the escorts reg number id have thought,,it could show the general direction the car went in,,assuming,,(never assume) they didnt cover it or tranfer it to another vehicle...there are cameras all over the major routes ,id suggest theres a reasonable chance of getting an image of the towing car here,,if someone is prepared to look hard enough. Im Notts border,,its just up the road from me.
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