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  1. im sure ive seen someone one osf doing wide steels can anybody point me in the right direction thanks dan
  2. dannyboy have you ever had a car that you built make the front cover of the world's bigest old ford mag???? (prob not) if you have how would you like folks to post this kind of comment about it??? you would be pi55ed of about it WELL DONE JAY THE CAR IS A CREDIT TO YOU AND DESERVES THE FRONT COVER
  3. You could park it under the escort, once you've got the escort on the spit there you go twink park it round andy's im sure his other half wouldn't mind
  4. the dutch house car club have got a new home now guys they now meet at the woolf in dartford and have done for sometime now,,, its still every tuesday
  5. if you go on driftworks.com it will tell when the first round of the edc is it also tells you the spec that your car needs to be and let me tell you its not cheap
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