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  1. Thanks. I have seen these issues for sale. Just not sure what one it’s in. Wondering if anyone has a copy they can check?
  2. Hi ppl. Can anyone help me find a copy of Classic Ford or possibly Retro Ford which has a feature on Santa Pod with me doing a burnout in WCD791K in it. I think it was april or may 2007 possibly. I gave my copy to someone and never got it back. Cheers.
  3. I’m not selling them. Free to collect.
  4. Who wants these antiques for the garage or man cave?
  5. I don't own an OSF right now but had to make my vote count Vista!
  6. johnny_h


    lol ^^^ hairy axe wound?
  7. johnny_h


    ...do babies come from?
  8. johnny_h

    I miss...

    Wait for it................... You need slippers I'll get my coat ..and a "smoking" jacket?
  9. johnny_h

    I miss...

    i just tried and failed. I just bogged down
  10. johnny_h

    I miss...

    ...RWD. I might go out in my trainers and try and do a burnout in a puddle of bleach.
  11. another junkie waster that will gain legend status in years to come and influence more youngsters into believing drugs are cool.
  12. johnny_h

    Shut up

    A great compliment
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