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  1. If anyone has one ??...or would like to swap for my xpack 3.0 Capri...please contact me
  2. Purple 1300e was one of my first cars...got it in 76...2 years old with low mileage then my brother passed his test and I didn’t want it ruined so sold it and bought a Capri which he managed to get bashed ( not his fault)..would love to get another that colour but prices going mental!!
  3. Changed plans for this and it’s lying up the attic. 4 x wings and front spoiler. Looking for £995 ono nit sure how to upload photos but will try later
  4. no..def not..I found one yesterday that took a 13mm socket and it works
  5. They lost the bolt..replaced it with a shiny shorter one which didn't hold the clamp in place. Not stressing but the car went thro a major strip down/resto 6 years ago and we didn't lose one bolt!!...found one that fits just now but pretty sure the original one was slightly tapered...but as it wasn't moved for years I might be mistaken
  6. Probably the same bolt for mk1 & mk2 escorts....had the car into a local garage and they have lost it so after one. Thanks
  7. I know but I had edited it and the ad doesn't get bumped up so you wouldn't have noticed it..
  8. To answer some of the questions : vin plates - yes V5 - yes wiring loom - yes any further questions please phone Steven on 07866 421612 price drop £5500
  9. He will listen to offers. They were unsure how to price it. They have either an 1100 or 1300 engine and box..might have trim but not sure. Here are photos...
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