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  1. malcolmrs2000

    Scammer onboard!!

  2. malcolmrs2000

    Scammer onboard!!

    Ex IT Manager...suspicious is my middle name!!...
  3. malcolmrs2000

    Scammer onboard!!

    Same guy...
  4. malcolmrs2000

    Scammer onboard!!

    That's exactly what he messaged me with...I replied that I had placed a couple of wanted ads and which one was he refering to. He then asked me to email him and supply my phone number which I have not done.
  5. malcolmrs2000

    Scammer onboard!!

    Just had an obscure message from someone who just joined 2 hours ago, stating that they have the part that I am looking for lying in their garage and they are keen to sell!..no mention which part....os there anyway to check them out??
  6. Anyone have one for sale? Thanks As above 28mm type if possible
  7. malcolmrs2000

    Pinto distributor

    I have the Bosch electronics one ...looking for £40
  8. malcolmrs2000

    Pinto Weber twin 45s, manifold and linkages wanted

    Can you pm me some details?
  9. malcolmrs2000

    sohc 2l cam belt cover wanted

    Are you still after one??
  10. Anyone have one for sale? Thanks
  11. Bought a project but no Buck, any ??.