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  1. hi ,thanks for any advice ,,wots the best spark plugs for a 1700 x/flow ,, thanks again cheers
  2. hi and welcome ,good to another member from the oxford area ,get some pictures up
  3. hi for head work take it to thatch on the a41 Aylesbury to Bicester rd nr westcot ,
  4. hi looking for 1st time driver insurance for my 17 year old daughter ,,been told different things to try and get it a bit cheaper ,,her by herself ,,me as a named driver ,,in my name with her as a named driver ,,has anyone any tips or advice thanks
  5. 1600 pinto all complete ,inc single choke weber ,alternator ,manifolds and 4 speed box £140 the lot collection thame nr oxford very close to m40
  6. weber 45s both have stamped on them weber Italy 45dcoe 152 no 6h with x/flow manifold ive had the 6 years never use and kept in dry loft . £500 thame Oxfordshire nr m40
  7. weber 40s stamped on them weber bologna 40 dcoe 2 no 14281 the other has weber bologna 40 dcoe 18 no 432 with x/flow manifold ect £400 ,thame Oxfordshire nr m40
  8. that mirror looks a bit tired ,
  9. norm1


    thanks for the comments ,, dont no so much about the nicest it was the loudest and got loads of attention ,made me very proud
  10. norm1


    just took my daughter to her prom in my escort
  11. hi ,put me down ford this again ,cheers
  12. hi ,looking for an inlet manifold for a set of 40s to fit a x/flow cheers
  13. as title safe or not ,,
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