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  1. Girl Racer

    Back in the day

    Oh wow, love the old pictures
  2. Girl Racer

    Problems with adrian flux

    I have changed from using them as they always seem to put up the premium every year and you have to argue to get the price down, they also messed me about with the agreed value on the Anglia so changed to A Plan.
  3. Girl Racer

    Agreed valuation needed

    I recommend A Plan, have all my cars insured with them, Adrian Flux have got worse, I will never insure with them again.
  4. Girl Racer

    Towing a frame

    We use an A Frame to tow mine and the Anglia and both cars are low! Not sure what make the A Frame is though.
  5. Girl Racer

    RIP Ron Harris

    Its such sad news, I have known Ron for many years, my mum used to work with Pam, so we go way back. I really feel for all the family. Rich and I had our engines built by Ron before he gave up doing them, so feel really honoured to have Ron Harris engine, when I hear the 45's barking I will think of him x
  6. Girl Racer

    Reflective numberplates.dvla changes

    That's great news!
  7. Ricer it is then, plus another Ricer friend!
  8. I am going, but not in the Escort as tax runs out in August, Pulsar it is!
  9. I will be going but not in the MK1 as the tax runs out in August
  10. Girl Racer

    Do you get acknowledged when out driving

    Yep Rich and I get this too whilst out in the Escort and Anglia, although once a long time ago we was out for a drive in the Escort and got chased by a car full of blokes that nearly run us off the road, they wanted to know if it was a Mexico, when I said it wasn't they drove off!! It was a bit scary to say the least and I was put off going out in the car for a while after!
  11. Girl Racer

    Oldskoolford 10th anniversary

    Thank you for the lovely comments
  12. Girl Racer

    M1 Anglia accident,

    That's awful news
  13. Girl Racer

    Oldskoolford 10th anniversary

    Just wanted to say thanks to Old Skool Ford for organising the show, it was a great day and was made even better when I won 3rd place, very happy