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  1. I've been thinking about making a separate tank to take a vertical sender and teeing it into the sight glass tube, easier than removing and drilling the existing tank
  2. Really clean car, just spent a load having head reworked by Courtenays. Lots of new bits: shocks, rad, fan, hubs, interior,seats. painted in satin white, looks proper old 8x13 minilights with 175/50/13s, full cage, f20 5 speed box. Selling to fund a mk2 purchase. £6.5k firm 07796172031 for more details Cheers, Dave
  3. Just removed as I've dropped down to a 3.75:1. £90 collection near Norwich, Norfolk 07796172031 Cheers, Dave
  4. Selling my old legs off the mk1 as I've just replaced the whole setup. I've been told by a reliable builder that these are genuine group1 bilsteins (not the cheap weld on coilover converted ones). They come as a pair of bare legs, no locking rings, no inserts etc etc, will need a bit of a cleanup. Note the steering arms have been drilled out to take rose joints by the look of it. £150 the pair, collection near Norwich, Norfolk. 07796172031 Cheers, Dave
  5. thanks for the link, will make some good reading while bored at work
  6. currently on ebay rs2000 replica 4 door, still registered as a 1300 £6k
  7. have a 1970 mini redtop im selling (£6.5k) to fund a mk 2 door pref 2litre to park next to my cossie mk1
  8. Cheers for the links. They look like a pretty good product and certainly cheaper than going aem/innovate or hks/apexi
  9. What is everyone using on their cossie powered cars? Personally I don't really like the idea of a manual boost controller / bleed valve set up. My mk1 has a manual controller and no amal valve by the look of it. I'm new to cossie stuff (had a few evo's though) so please keep any replies simple for a newbie lol
  10. Few more pics before it was 'finished' body was made by meon valley hot rods. Thought i would include a 'before' pic as well lol
  11. Always liked hot rods and stuff so this started off as a caterham replica kit car on spaceframe chassis etc but i junked the body and fitted a 1928 style ford roadster grp body. Took me a couple of years with lots of head scratching to get the look i wanted. Runs a cammed 2.1 pinto, sierra rear end, type 9 box, sierra column & rack, pedal box, brakes etc.
  12. After a few years away from a osf i'm finally back. Sold my 68 camaro drag car at the weekend and picked up a nice mk1 escort cosworth. Feels good, been too long!
  13. Ideally after a mk1 but may go for a mk2 again. High spec pinto or maybe cossie, must be a two door, not worried about paint etc but gotta be a solid car and mechanically sound. Budget is whatever it takes to find the right car under 10k Mail me v8truck@icloud.com Cheers, Dave
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