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  1. evildave


    I've been thinking about making a separate tank to take a vertical sender and teeing it into the sight glass tube, easier than removing and drilling the existing tank
  2. Really clean car, just spent a load having head reworked by Courtenays. Lots of new bits: shocks, rad, fan, hubs, interior,seats. painted in satin white, looks proper old 8x13 minilights with 175/50/13s, full cage, f20 5 speed box. Selling to fund a mk2 purchase. £6.5k firm 07796172031 for more details Cheers, Dave
  3. Just removed as I've dropped down to a 3.75:1. £90 collection near Norwich, Norfolk 07796172031 Cheers, Dave
  4. Selling my old legs off the mk1 as I've just replaced the whole setup. I've been told by a reliable builder that these are genuine group1 bilsteins (not the cheap weld on coilover converted ones). They come as a pair of bare legs, no locking rings, no inserts etc etc, will need a bit of a cleanup. Note the steering arms have been drilled out to take rose joints by the look of it. £150 the pair, collection near Norwich, Norfolk. 07796172031 Cheers, Dave
  5. thanks for the link, will make some good reading while bored at work
  6. evildave

    Searching for GYA 226T mk2 escort

    currently on ebay rs2000 replica 4 door, still registered as a 1300 £6k
  7. have a 1970 mini redtop im selling (£6.5k) to fund a mk 2 door pref 2litre to park next to my cossie mk1
  8. Cheers for the links. They look like a pretty good product and certainly cheaper than going aem/innovate or hks/apexi
  9. What is everyone using on their cossie powered cars? Personally I don't really like the idea of a manual boost controller / bleed valve set up. My mk1 has a manual controller and no amal valve by the look of it. I'm new to cossie stuff (had a few evo's though) so please keep any replies simple for a newbie lol
  10. evildave

    '28 ford roadster kit

    Exhausts were fun to make!
  11. evildave

    '28 ford roadster kit

    Few more pics before it was 'finished' body was made by meon valley hot rods. Thought i would include a 'before' pic as well lol
  12. Always liked hot rods and stuff so this started off as a caterham replica kit car on spaceframe chassis etc but i junked the body and fitted a 1928 style ford roadster grp body. Took me a couple of years with lots of head scratching to get the look i wanted. Runs a cammed 2.1 pinto, sierra rear end, type 9 box, sierra column & rack, pedal box, brakes etc.
  13. evildave

    Back again

    After a few years away from a osf i'm finally back. Sold my 68 camaro drag car at the weekend and picked up a nice mk1 escort cosworth. Feels good, been too long!
  14. Ideally after a mk1 but may go for a mk2 again. High spec pinto or maybe cossie, must be a two door, not worried about paint etc but gotta be a solid car and mechanically sound. Budget is whatever it takes to find the right car under 10k Mail me v8truck@icloud.com Cheers, Dave