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  1. They are expensive here also. I picked it up and the ZF G/Box (got a deal on that) about 12 years ago when I was doing some side work and had spare cash. I got it totally rebuild back then, its almost 2.1 (90mm bore and 82mm crank) I have been really tempted to sell it over the years and could have used the cash, but held on and picked up various parts to put a peroid spec MK1 together. Im just re-starting the project and starting stripping the shell. I want to repliciate a LHD works spec Gp2/4 car. I like the old T/C works scheme white with flat black bonnet and castrol / dialy mirror stickers. Thanks James
  2. Yeah your right, But i thought some of the Twin Cams MK1 later were fitted with BDA's. I have a mild tuned 1700cc twin cam I could use, but really would love the BDA to be installed. Thanks for the replay. James I can go either way with the engine but Im iching to use the BDA.
  3. Im looking for a 'build plan' for a peroid correct Left hooker Mk1 Orginal Bubble arched 67/68 LHD shell, alloy BDA, ZF S5-18/3 Im just about ready to start building the car but need to figure what is the most correct car I should try to replicate based on the outline spec and the above parts i have. Pictures or ideas would be great. email jamesjordan@hotmail.com Thanks James
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