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  1. Was reading through all of this to pass some isolation time today haha can't believe it's been 14 years. Mad The previous owner really looked after the car and made a lot of cool additions. It really is a show piece now. The car is now with Posse, former OSF general. I know he was thinking of selling End of last yr but it's well out of my price range now
  2. Thanks Vista, yeah Photobucket really killed the internet didn't they. Greedy so and so's Managed to find the car and am going to see it today Excited!
  3. Needed funds to start a business and buy my first home, such is life. Hoping to buy it back again one day.
  4. The older members on here will remember my thread on the restoration of this car, it took long enough (Can't find the link now the site has changed) I managed to track all of the new owners up until now where it appears to have gone quiet. It's still my baby and it's nice to keep an eye on it and make sure it's still out there! Last I saw of it was with Mark Burton (he may still have it) but no contact for a while. Any info appreciated. attached pictures of mine and beyond... Rick
  5. It's been a good few years since I was involved in the osf world and I drop back in here now and again to tease myself. But christ, what happened to the prices! everything seems to be £5k more now I guess demand got higher.
  6. Went to catch up with the current owner a few months ago at a local car show. It is well looked after and in great shape with plenty of cool additions. Although I have no desire to own it at this time if it ever went for sale in the future I would be very tempted to take it back. Can't believe its been 8 years!
  7. Rick


    Just out of interest did this show up at CF show?
  8. pro havent got to grips with the new look yet
  9. I just don't see the reasoning behind this? Doesn't happen to any of the bond cars
  10. Rick


    Thats good to hear its in safe hands
  11. Congrats on creating your first Viral video, seeing it everywhere! you should sell a vehicle related backlink from the video's page description if you can. Make some £££ for your efforts
  12. couldn't find mine or rich savages old threads was just fater the pics really but i have them in photobucket somewhere
  13. Been a while since i really had a good look here, was looking for some of the old projects but they have vanished. Were these deleted to make room or just relocated?
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