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  1. Old fords hey,,, I went to a CANEMS ecu after dizzy trouble and its been great and not a lot dearer than a new dizzy set up.
  2. Just put a set on my RS2000, take some setting up,
  3. Does anyone have a Chocolate Brown RS2000 carpet for sale in good condition please 👍
  4. Mk2 Escort replacement door rubbers wanted what's the best one's to use that don't need the door to be slamming every time 👍
  5. Yep all on, fitted removed and sold. sums up my poor cars life.
  6. No cracks or breaks please CHEERS Gordy 👍
  7. I've just arrived and now I'm parked up with some tasty old skool motors 👍
  8. Some people like the clean look, others like the standard look but for me it's the Rally look. 👍
  9. My Mk2 was 1800 quid when I bought it 20 years ago and all my mates wondered why I wanted it as everyone was buying cossies etc. I started modding from the get go. I like the rally look but like period mods so that's how I have tried to keep it, the N/A yb is only a cylinder head and pistons from a pinto and a Warrior is a pipe dream. One day if I get the urge it will go back to the the RS Custom it started life as but at the moment the laughs I have with over 220 bhp standard is not going to happen
  10. A standard mk2 escort Rs2000 for instance would not pull the burberry jacket from a chavs back and handles like the QE2 and like you Scott just don't cut it with me either
  11. Have modified old Fords gone out of fashion nowadays as I see lots more standard cars in the scene and have had people pass comments like "that isn't a genuine rs is it, why would you do that to a genuine one" etc etc maybe I've been out of touch for a while but I'm amazed it's going this way
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