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  1. I went on the Saturday and camped, sorry but it was awful and nothing going on at all on Saturday night not even allowed to go and check out the trade stands oddly🙄 track is pretty dull and sorry there was little or no effort put in for the £35 I paid. It sucked. Shame on CF mag
  2. How long have you owned ya osf as I have had mine 20 years this year gulp and its still not finished 😁
  3. Did you ever find the missing alloy wheel your after? I'm going to be putting a set of these on my RS 2000 tonight, so I'll get some pictures up later 👍
  4. May pop along if the motor is finished
  5. Speak to arrow again or Rick from escort madness
  6. Who,s this posse bloke
  7. looked through the garage door then shut it again
  8. ford made bubble arched wings the MK1 pre pressed and if its real ford ive on seen two sets before and there on the same shelf as chicken lips and tarten paint. Get on the rally sport escort site as you could 500-700 squid for that
  9. A show in north wales for me as theres 22 of us old fords on a stand
  10. Chobham was great and there was another at challow near wantage
  11. Put on a new speedo cable and put my battery optimiser on as im out for a play in the morning
  12. just a lowly mech building services engineer for a company called Norland
  13. Thats in a quarry ooop north some where as ive seen the vid on youtube theres quite a few old cars and junk in there to
  14. this was a women that called that hero Nelson Mandela "that dirty little terrorist" and strongly apposed the minimum wage during whitch time the rich got richer and the poor well we got poorer. im never happy when people die but im certainly never going to sing the praises of her time as prime minister. And she stole my milk!!!
  15. propper motoring history there
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