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  1. Mk2 Escort replacement door rubbers wanted what's the best one's to use that don't need the door to be slamming every time 👍
  2. Yep all on, fitted removed and sold. sums up my poor cars life.
  3. No cracks or breaks please CHEERS Gordy 👍
  4. I've just arrived and now I'm parked up with some tasty old skool motors 👍
  5. Some people like the clean look, others like the standard look but for me it's the Rally look. 👍
  6. My Mk2 was 1800 quid when I bought it 20 years ago and all my mates wondered why I wanted it as everyone was buying cossies etc. I started modding from the get go. I like the rally look but like period mods so that's how I have tried to keep it, the N/A yb is only a cylinder head and pistons from a pinto and a Warrior is a pipe dream. One day if I get the urge it will go back to the the RS Custom it started life as but at the moment the laughs I have with over 220 bhp standard is not going to happen
  7. A standard mk2 escort Rs2000 for instance would not pull the burberry jacket from a chavs back and handles like the QE2 and like you Scott just don't cut it with me either
  8. Have modified old Fords gone out of fashion nowadays as I see lots more standard cars in the scene and have had people pass comments like "that isn't a genuine rs is it, why would you do that to a genuine one" etc etc maybe I've been out of touch for a while but I'm amazed it's going this way
  9. To be honest its a bit of a hike for me from North Wales but will think about it 👍 yep still have mine but its changed a bit.
  10. You could have a good craic back then Scott but worth to much now
  11. Who still has there car now and how much has it changed
  12. I went on the Saturday and camped, sorry but it was awful and nothing going on at all on Saturday night not even allowed to go and check out the trade stands oddly🙄 track is pretty dull and sorry there was little or no effort put in for the £35 I paid. It sucked. Shame on CF mag
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