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  1. Maybe we should try and have a reunion at the next CF..... some of the old faces just fatter and grayer 👍
  2. loving this car, you ozzies had some great mk2 options
  3. I bought a second hand car key for my mk2 and re-cut it as it doesnt really have much meat on it, just pick one that can sort it
  4. Hello all, are there any members in the North west, Chester or North wales area? Cheers Gordy
  5. My first car "Betsie" was a beige mk2 1300L and i did about 80k over the 3 years that i owned and loved it, spending all my apprentice wages on modding it. I went everywhere in Betsie and loved every minute of it racing all the other lads around in their Nova SR's, Astra GTE's and Mini 1275's and even in about 1993 trying to take on the first YB powered Mk2 I'd ever seen, proper fast and made me look like I had selected reverse as it went away from me lol. Sadly the rust took hold so shoving plastic bags into the A posts to stop water from splashing all over the girlfriends feet and the 1300 on a twin choke didn't cut it anymore so I bit the bullet and bought a XR3, great car but no more pretending that I was Ari Vatanen. The XR lasted about 9 months before I couldn't take anymore and bought my first RS2000 "ACX388V" but still not the same feel as "Betsie the 1300" Part of the charm for me with the mk2 RS i own currently is that 22 years ago they were so cheap and that and people wondered what the hell I was doing buying the piece of shit as Cossies were the fashion but I wanted to relive my youth. Sadly the outlaw/underdog feeling I had has long gone and I cant afford to drive it like I stole it anymore. 😁
  6. Certainly is what these cars are for, a good laugh and not giving a shit about attitude 😀
  7. I remember Puddy from many a Guildford Cruise 😁
  8. Bumper cars at midnight was always a laugh and so were most of the old faces. Do you still own the Blue Mex Colin?
  9. Has anyone got any OSF scene pictures of the good ole days when the cars were a laugh to own and not an investment, if another person says to me pity its not standard one more time I swear I'll run them over with the bloody thing. Rant over 😀
  10. Bin it and get a Tension strut kit, best single suspension mod that i have done
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