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  1. lol not quite,, im going st170 eng and theoriginal master cyl will be in the way and needs to be moved out the way of my side draught webbers im running,,, so im fitting the master cyl under the dash ,,, its just ive had the car 25 years and hand made/modified everything my self coz im on a minimal budget and a bios box is stupid dollar!!! thnx
  2. Can anyone point me to a thread of someone doing a pinto to st170 conversion that can guide/point me in the right direction. thanks, Rikka
  3. thanks for that 1 jus gotta find a basic plan to box the pedal box for the master cyl ,,, any ideas ? thnx
  4. Could any1 point me in the direction of a diy pedal box hydraulic conversion link for my 69 mk1,,, just for the brakes and non bias thnx
  5. Can anyone point me to a thread that has done this plz :-) thnx :-)
  6. would my mk1 escort do ? http://i.ebayimg.com/00/s/MTAyNFg3Njg=/$(KGrHqR,!qwFCSu5RuY(BQvP4(LlB!~~48_80.JPG
  7. ahhhhhh,,,,,, itl be sad,,, to see what ive known as the barn go,,, it kept us wet free ,just a place to see the cars run from behind in all weathers ,,, it seems 2 me as a land mark and with out it the pod aint quite like the pod , seems to ov been a bit harsh,,,, and there 4 i think it`s really sad, and to see it gone next time im there ,,, well ,,,its gonna be sad ,,,,,, jus hopeing theres gonna be summit like it in its place,,,,been goin to the pod for 20 yrs,,,,,ttfn folks
  8. Hi peeps,,, i went to the meet at the ace cafe my first time,,,,,and when i got there the old bill was there,,,,,,but then they went,,,,,there was a black escort van which went out for a little hack outside the cafe,,,,,did u see him? if not click the link http://s53.photobucket.com/albums/g47/r ... 006030.mp4 ttfn
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