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  1. My van is currently off the road, with an ECU issue so I won't be taking it anywhere...
  2. Hello! If I can find my old pics of it I'll post them. Have you owned it long?
  3. Yep. Not sure which other shows I'll be going to this year... But I'll let you know
  4. I was only on the next stand. You could have come over to see me. Or we're you too busy drinking your warm beer?
  5. Ken, that first picture may be one of mine. It was taken in Keighley in September 1990 on an Anglia owners club meet. If I recall, my saloon is the last in line.
  6. Whose is the signwritten Anglia van reg JUB413E? When I got my first Anglia in 1990, that van regularly came to events organised around the Leeds area. I'm sure it was grey then. I'm sure I have some photos of it from around that time which I'll try and find.
  7. If it's an original car I would loath to modify it. I used to own Alan Manns 107E Prefect (reg 33KKR) when it was an unmodified, totally original, never welded, one owner, 42,000 miler car. I personally wouldn't have modified it, but now it is I don't feel any anger or bitterness, because he's done a quality job. Had a conversation with my work colleague this morning about me putting a cage into the Anglia I am restoring. He said 'Won't the purists complain?'. I said 'Yeah probably but I've rescued this car from the scrap yard so I can do what I want with it'. So in a nutshell, if it's mostly original, I would keep it as original as possible. If it was a shell or have done loads of welding to it, modify away!
  8. Not forgetting the Falklands. What gets me is all the hatred being spouted on Twitter. From 20-30 year olds who wouldn't even remember her in power. Amazing how bitter people can get by having their milk taken off them.
  9. I was looking at a thread yesterday on Retro Rides where a guy is doing exactly the same thing with a Mazda MX5 and a Mini Clubman Estate. It's going to be epic when it's finished. http://retrorides.proboards.com/index.c ... ead=144316
  10. ZetecVan 2.0


    I've watched all this series. It just gets better and better
  11. Thank you for your patience. The forum has been ungraded to the latest version of PHPBB. If you notice any strange things happen since the upgrade, please report it in the support room and we'll take a look at it. Cheers!
  12. Love this pic with the Ford sign in the background Glad you got home eventually We were going to go in and ask for a zetec cam cover and gasket as that's where it was leaking from. The yellow one broke down on the way there. The other breakdowns were on the way home.
  13. We had organised a convoy consisting of the following cars (most of them belong to one man!) Yellow Mk2 Escort (Freshly Restored) Mk2 Lotus Cortina Mk1 Escort Mk2 Escort Popular Mk2 Escort Ghia Mk1 Fiesta Anglia Van Mk1 German Transit Mk2 Transit with trailer with RS200 We set off and got three miles before we had our first breakdown. The Yellow Mk2 decided to spill its oil all over. It was just a loose connection, so once tightened we were on our way. A few miles along the M62 we pulled over again. The Mk2 again. The same problem. Got it sorted and set off again. We hit the A1 and pulled over. The yellow Mk2. This time a knocking. After a bit of looking around everything looked fine so we set off. Soon after, we pulled over again. The yellow Mk2 again. Paranoia was setting in and it was nothing. We carried on. The tank on my van is small and can only do about 120 miles. I was getting low on fuel and needed to stop. I saw a sign for services and pulled in. It was only a truckstop. The carpark was very dusty, so it would be rude not to do a few doughnuts. And I was joined by Jon in the blue Mk2. Then we got chased away by an angry truck driver who punched the side of my van. I didn't stop to argue with him but no damage was done. Got to the pod. Beer. Food. Dodgems. Beer. Sleep. After the show joined the queue to leave. My van overheated before we'd left. Topped it up outside. Drove to fill up. Because of the stop start stop start and turning my engine off and on, and the heat of the engine, it wouldn't start, so we had to bump it. Then the cortina overheated so we sat in Tescos for half an hour. We set off and drove about a mile before the Mk2 Transit towing the RS200 stopped on the sliproad. I didn't stop because of my starting issue, but the gesticulations indicated the car had moved on the trailer. I plodded along at a steady 70. Joined the M1. Got to junction 20 and I heard a drumming. Pulled over. Exploded tyre. And I'd not brought my wheel brace. I rang Jon who was still at the site of the previous breakdown and it took about 50 minutes for him to arrive. Swiftly swapped wheels and got a move on. The Cortina had broken down again and was being recovered. Jon had left them to it. We stopped for petrol further on, and got a call that the Mk2 Transit had spilt its fluids all over, and that was being recovered. Finally got home at 9.30, about 6 hours after leaving the OSF stand.
  14. I've just watched this film I found via another site. Just look at the number of 100E's and Zodiacs http://www.eafa.org.uk/catalogue/2149
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