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  1. Hi guys and gals - I've made a 'ride along' video in my turbo Capri that I thought you guys might enjoy - any feedback would be appreciated 😊 A11%
  2. Mikalors are brilliant, you can wang them down very tight without the threads slipping - but they're not cheap!
  3. Good question, I have one sittin on the shelf that was an ebay impulse buy but Im unsure whether or not to fit it? I dont mind some skipping when parking but Ive heard they force understeer at low speeds (which makes sense) dont mind the jippy smoke tastic rear steer handling but dont fancy breaking anything. Im running 265 tyres on the back too which would put more stress on it. What happened to your mates springs dude?
  4. Hi mate, I saw you racing the two black capris at Oulton Park, must have been about 7 years ago now, I have the photos still. I was speaking to a guy at the bodyshop we use at work (spraysystems) and told him I was painting my Capri matt black and he told me of a capri he sprayed matt black with a yellow stripe and I knew exactly which one it must've been! You still racing it?
  5. Ill have to look at these bestek kits I think. I have a lucus ignition amplifier but not sure what else Id need for a conversion. I never used to have any problems startin in the wet before the rebuild. Now I have 100% new parts its not liking it!
  6. DId you give up with it? Find anything that helped at all?
  7. Defo spark as i got a shock from king lead coil end. Dizzy cap wasn't wet inside but it isn't the tightest fit as the two clips arent in the best condition. Spent 8 months relentlessly building and working on the car evenings weekends and days off and finally MOT it, drive it for a week and it breaks down!!! The good part of my job is driving to and from it in my car! I forgot what it was like driving something with a pinto everyday. A gamble thats what! Think I need to get a mondeo engine in there!
  8. My Pinto engine has been running great it has new everything (!) as in plugs, leads, condensor, dizzy cap, coil, rotor arm, points, battery, and rebuilt carb etc... Its been running great for a week done over 200 trouble free miles. Yesterday it was reluctant to start in the morning then at lunch time reluctant again. This morning i couldnt get it to start to the point were the battery is flat so Ive had to throw it on charge and take my girlfriends car to work. Could it be the damp? It was pissing it down yesterday big time. Does the Holts ignition sealant stuff work? You guys had any similar experiences?
  9. Nice one mate, good to see it finally done looks evil
  10. Cheers guys I hope they do but I cant imagine it'd be too hard to make them fit if not! richie_stix I have a modified mk1 Golf front bib spoiler, Raceway Racelight 15x9's and 15x10's with toyo proxies on the front and Hercules HP4000 white letter 265/50/15's on the back Anyone know for sure bout the fiesta subframes?
  11. Dont worry not going mad! Bought some buckets with mk2 fiesta subframes wondering if they'll go straight in or if Ill have to mod them?
  12. Theres no lights in that one mate thats why it seems flimsy, you'll be alright if you keep your lights in!
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