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  1. I have over 40 rear axle casings for MK1 And Mk2 Escort also around 100 Halfshafts some RS ones More parts to follow having a Total clearout and sell off Axle caings £70-£100 Each Shafts per set £65 to £100 for the RS Ones I would Prefer Collection But Will Consider Posting Collection From E sussex Eastbourne Area
  2. the sills are genuine full outer van sills still in the red factory primer so is the Rear inner arch and leg assembly a van item
  3. Ford Anglia Van Project with parts £2000 No offers I have Owned the van For around 7 years Originally bought as a project and i have spent alot of time finding spares for it The shell itself is Pretty bad and needs major welding The van has been partly dismantled and both front inner wings have been removed and it is currently bolted to a trolley Comes with a Complete 105E Lower half of a car (inner wings ,bulkhead,floors and tunnel in very good condition ) i was going to fit this as one whole unit ! A NOS Genuine rear chassis leg and inner wheelarch (complete rear leg) Set Of Genuine NOS Outer sills 2 Solid Original LH/ RH Front Doors 3 Rear doors Axle and Shafts in good condition It comes with the original engine (seized) Gearbox looks okay No V5 as it is no longer on the DVLA System being off the road before they went computerized the Van is currently in storage buried in 7 years worth of collecting! so photos will have to follow I Am a bit reluctant to let it go but i have to be realistic having other anglias that need my attention (will need to be collected From Nr Eastbourne E Sussex)
  4. Heres the details of the Transit I have posted as well on retro rides it would be a good idea for the owner to be passed on this info and send off for a v5c for that transit asap
  5. I am looking for a standard sidevalve engine and 3 speed box also engine x member I will be looking to rebuild the engine So condition not to important South east area will collect within reasonable distance! Many thanks
  6. Is anyone on here breaking a 100E Or know of anyone who is ... Im am looking for a Couple of Top Mount Cups
  7. I have just Bought a 100E that has had the strut tower tops modified and I am wanting to put them back to standard ... Is anyone breaking a 100e that still has the cups that the top mounts slot into up in the top of the strut tower Many thanks Richard
  8. This is just Heads up to anyone that may of used Paints bought from Jawel paints of birminham (also sell on ebay) I purcahased a 5.5 litre kit of 2k to paint some of my 100e in ermine white. this is going back over a year ..The car was painted shortly afterwards with great results ie application finish etc.. So as i was quite happy with the service products etc i decided to buy some 2k satin black to spray the suspension and engine bits sump etc again the aplication and finsh was great Untill some petrol was split on the sump! There is was discovered a major fault with the product the paint just melts and runs off . So at this stage i decided to test the engine bay etc that had been sprayed over 12 months before and exactly the same problem . I contact them and they are saying that either no hardner lol or the wrong amount of hardner would have caused this i think we all know that over 12 months is plenty of time for paint to harden!! anyway they have now chosen the route to ignore my emails. I am writing this as i have put alot of my spare time and money into preparing my 100e To paint it which i was hoping to finish for this years classic ford show unfortunatly the realality is its not going to happen now. However if there is anyone who has used there products it may be worth testing it with a little petrol or just think about my experiance before buying...
  9. Ok thanks pm me how much your asking for it ,,If you find one!
  10. Posting for a freind with no net access Wanted pinto 2.0 distributor with brown cap. If anyone has one in sussex or is able to post please let me know Thanks
  11. spotted today on way home light blue mk1 fiesta with oldskoolford all the way up the side and a door number , At first apearance it looks to be a national hotrod idea Anyway it looks cool and as i never see any other osf in my home town big thumbs up
  12. Wanted early base model or 5cwt van front grille chrome or stainless trim Thankyou
  13. reconise the one from eastbourne its been out for a while
  14. If his spelling is anything to go by i hate to think what the cars like !!
  15. i had a look on theres rules and theres nothing about 60's cars without belts fitted
  16. Just a quick question i have a 64 anglia 105e which is standard trim ie no seatbelts would i be able to run it at the strip next weekend? (classic ford show)
  17. 1. POSSE ONE STAND PASS X2 TICKETS 2. lotusless one stand pass x2 tickets 3. Baz105e 1 stand pass 2 tickets 4. SebringRS 1 Stand Pass, x3 tickets 5. Banarama 1 stand pass & 1 ticket 6. Pete 1 stand pass only if possible. 7. Tall Paul 1 Stand pass x2 Tickets 8. rallyesport04 1 stand pass and 1 ticket 9. Tilbrook 1 stand pass x2 tickets 10. Leadfoots 1 stand pass / 2 x Tickets 11. Big_man 1 stand pass, 1 x ticket 12. caprinerd 1 stand pass and tickets TBA at the mo till i get a defo 13. ox 1 stand pass 14. RossMK2 1 stand pass ill update for tickets asap 15. Willsy 1x ticket 1x stand pass 16. NickB 1 stand pass & 2 tickets 17. Baileymex 1 x Ticket / 1 x Stand Pass 18. 105ESteve 1 x Ticket / 1 x Stand pass 19. MEXY867M X3 stand passes thanks 20. Deltamal x 1 Ticket - 1 x stand pass 21. 100edave x 3 ticket & 2 stand passes 22. scootlife 1 stand pass and 2 tickets please 23. mattsbmw 1 stand pass and 2 tickets please 24. Fezza 1x stand pass and 1x ticket 25. Harrier Ian 1 stand pass and 1 ticket please. 26. Fiesta Steve 2x stand pass & 3 tickets please. 27. Glenbo 1x stand pass & 2 tickets please. 28. mk1rob 1x stand pass & 1 ticket please. 29. Crazy Charlie , X1 stand pass , X2 tickets please 30. JP. (Dutch chapter)2 x stand pass, no tickets. 31. Cos30 1 stand pass , 1 ticket please 32. O_H_C 1 stand pass and 1 ticket 33. James G , X1 stand pass , X2 tickets please 34. 4DOOR-SHERWOOD x1 stand pass and x1 ticket please 35. jamie956, 2x stand pass please 36. popeye x2 1 Stand pass. 37. Stu 1x stand pass, 3 x tickets please 38. Mk 1 Helen 1x stand pass and 1x ticket please 39. KJ 1320 1x stand pass and 2x tickets please 40. leecccmk1 1x stand pass & 2 x tickets please 41. Unclebuck 1x Stand pass and 1 x ticket please 42. Driver 1x stand pass and 1 ticket. TA 43. webby 3x stand passes and 3 tickets please 44. Oggy 69 one stand pass/ two tickets pls 45. davesilcock one stand pass and 2 tickets please 46. red-rum816 1 stand pass 1 ticket 47. 442 - 3x Tickets 3x Stand Pass Please 48. 5Speed 1 stand pass 2x tickets 49. Twinkle 1 stand pass 2x tickets please 50. stteb 1 ticket 1 stand pass thanks 51. Big G 1 ticket + 1 stand pass mucho grasyass 52. 1300e ian just 1 stand pass plz thanks 53. cozzyvan, 5 tickets +2 stand pass, please 54. nellyscossy 1x stand pass please 55. Tucker. 2 Tickets and 1 stand pass please 56. Lurch914, 4x stand pass 57. rsdaz, 1 stand pass and 1 ticket please 58. Andy44Boz: 1 stand pass no tickets please 59. Jiffer: 5 tickets, 2 stand passes please 60. Vista: 3 stand passes 2 ticket please 61. cos.ste: 1 stand pass please 62. rakas17: 1 stand pass 1 ticket please 63. 5hane: 1 stand pass 1 ticket 64. Von Thrash: 1 Stand pass 1 ticket (ticket already purchased) 65. Jambo77 : 1 stand pass no tickets please 66. Superblue76: 1 stand pass and 2 tickets 67. Grifterkid: 1 stand pass 1 ticket 68. Jonboy: 1 stand pass no tickets please 69. terrywatts1987 1 stand pass please 70. Cappertom: 1 stand pass please no tickets 71. ADY: 1 stand pass and 1 ticket please. 72. johncandyracing,1x stand pass 2 x tickets,thanks m8 73. Kevmk2 3x Stand pass's 3x Tickets. Cheers 74. Mr Sam 1x stand pass 2x tickets... (just paid for the tickets on here) 75. Falco635 1 x Stand pass, 1 x ticket please(details sent on PM)Cheers 76. cpj105e stand pass 2x tickets
  18. hi i will be going to coalville from east sussex and back later this week if thats any good Richard
  19. its all above board business outlet i bought a engine from them recently.
  20. george,duffy,lee they always will be they are the legends of hot rod racing
  21. Now started parking a car up against the door. But extra locks etc will be fitted now.
  22. went round to my garage the other day and found the door had been opened nothing had gone but even so someone was in there that should not have been!!!!
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