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  1. It could be road legal but it's a bit too feisty for the road these days so it's strictly 1/4 mile racing 😊👍🚦
  2. Sorry Munch ... I've hi-jacked your thread 🙄
  3. Got to wait a bit longer before it goes in though as the other half is finishing his mk1 Fiesta rebuild first.
  4. I would love to come down to it but we are up at Pod that weekend crowing for Kev at the Summer Nationals. He's entered this year in the Comp Eliminator class.
  5. Yes, I have an adjustable bolt under the throttle pedal. My partner is an engine tuner and we decided on throttle bodies for drive ability.
  6. Brilliant - well done!! I think it is going to be a great weekend for all!
  7. I do love it there - it's such a nice place
  8. Mk2Jo

    If only

    Wow …. great ad - and look how short the phone numbers are From a time when not everyone had a phone in their house!
  9. I also considered the zetec option but decided to stay original in terms of the pinto but want better driveability hence ditching the carbs - no more balancing lol …. no other plans. Already has full SS exhaust, lowered slightly, 4.1 diff (I used to drag race it). Needs a bit of a resto and paint job really (bottom of the doors are going) but don't have the funds for that - the engine has cost me a fair bit this year so that will have to wait
  10. I bet you are itching to get out in the car. My RS is currently waiting for my new engine to go in … I have gone with Omex throttle bodies though for a nice bit of reliability Bit of tuning on the dyno and away I go …. hoping for mid summer
  11. Hello and welcome back .. Escy looks very nice indeed! What a great gift
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