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  1. Mk2Jo

    OSF Tour of the Moor 2019 Official

    Brilliant chaps … well done
  2. Mk2Jo


    Very nice club stand - well done chaps! Nice to see some OSF screen stickers there too
  3. Mk2Jo


    Hello and welcome … If you use the search facility you will find 14 years of information and advice on all models including the Anglia that you may find of interest/help Should keep you busy for hours!!
  4. Mk2Jo

    CHANGES FOR 2019

    Yes to a Saffy
  5. Mk2Jo

    Street Outlaws ...

    Here's Chris … spent 2 hours queuing lol
  6. Mk2Jo

    Capri Mk2 Stampede up for auction

    Well I've never heard of them … you learn something new everyday!
  7. Mk2Jo

    Hello from Sweden

    Welcome to OSF
  8. Mk2Jo

    Newbie from Wiltshire

    Hello and welcome to OSF
  9. Mk2Jo


    Hello and welcome.
  10. Mk2Jo

    CHANGES FOR 2019

    No! lol
  11. Mk2Jo

    Street Outlaws ...

    He did suggest I go out there but I would be sat on my own by the pool in the 5* hotel sipping cocktails all day on my own …. so I figured it wouldn't be much fun …..
  12. Mk2Jo

    Trick or Treat ...

    Thankfully my kids are too big to do this now (age 24 and 21 lol) but I used to enjoy it when they were little - but I am dreading the callers tomorrow night … normally I am not home but the usual party is at the weekend to avoid drinking on a school night … so, do I lock the doors and turn the lights off and pretend I'm not home (bah humbug) or do I get a tin of sweets in and play the game …
  13. Mk2Jo


    Apologies for the late reply …. excellent photo's Looks like a damn good day for most (poor little mk2 Escort )
  14. Mk2Jo

    Street Outlaws ...

    He works for Ecu-Tek http://www.ecutek.com/ and they have a stand there every year although this is the first year he has been asked to be on the stand - how lucky eh! They were taken over back in December last year by Cobb https://www.cobbtuning.com/ who are a massive American company so there's going to be some rather big parties in the evenings I understand it lol