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  1. I got mine sorted a few months ago. Really easy to do and got the new blue logbook back within a week or so …. can't see (other than the colour of the log book) that it says historic anywhere though but I am not exempt so I don't care lol
  2. Wishing Scott aka Vista a very Happy 50th Birthday!!! 😘 Hope you have a great lockdown birthday with the family πŸΊπŸœπŸΊπŸŽ‰πŸŽŠπŸŽˆπŸŽˆ
  3. Ed - If you are on F.ace.book try looking up South Coast Classic Fords - Martyn who runs it may be able to help.
  4. Mk2Jo


    If you look back over the past few years of OSFDC information on this forum, there are virtually no replies and so FB became the place for OSFDC banter. There is also FULL coverage of each of the 6 rounds also in Classic Ford Magazine.
  5. Merry Christmas everyone! May you all receive the gifts you've asked for and may 2020 bring happiness, good health and car shows ... Jo
  6. We were not in competition with the VW racers, we were just invited guests racing against the other cars. As for the actual OSFDC round 5 (which is what this event was for us) Darren Scannell came first, Steve Brown came 2nd and Colin Dowling came 3rd but that won't mean anything if you don't follow the racing full information can be found on the Old Skool Ford Drag Challenge Book of Face page https://www.facebook.com/OSFDC/ or in Classic Ford Magazine where we have full coverage of every round. I stopped putting information on our Drag pages on here because I got absolutely no resp
  7. Good Morning lovely OSF people Just thought I would update you on recent events with the Old Skool Ford Drag Challenge (OSFDC) …. each year we are invited guests at VW Action, a huge VW show at Santa Pod. Well, with 21 racers at our round 5 event we were happy to accept a trophy which was voted for by the VW Action organisers as best visiting club. This trophy is awarded each year and we have been inducted into the VW Hall of Fame - a great honour Anyway, here is the trophy.
  8. I'll give the bidding a miss boys as I already have a black one ….
  9. Absolutely well done to Chris then Some very nice cars in attendance!
  10. Excellent club stand - some really nice cars there :) Looks like the South West is really coming up trumps for OSF events this year! Well done to Scott and all involved.
  11. Many Happy Returns of the Day to you Scott (aka Vista). Only 1 more year to the big 50 … make the most of your last year in your 40's! Hope you have a fab day
  12. Mk2Jo

    OSF flag at Spa

    Woohoo !!! Well done
  13. 13 years ownership for me
  14. Well done everyone who made the trek up to Mallory to be on the club stand and well done also to the OSF staff that organised it all.
  15. We are there with OSFDC but we don't have a club stand as the greedy Pod folk will only allow you a club stand if you buy entry tickets at the time of booking ... there will be loads of us there in the RWYB pits right at the top as it's a round of OSFDC.
  16. Agreed, it's a deal
  17. I have indeed been posting for longer than Vista 😁😁
  18. As most of you know, after many years at Santa Pod dragstrip, Classic Ford Show this year has moved to a new venue - Mallory Park - the date is Sunday 2nd June. We have noticed a drop in numbers applying for a space on our OSF club stand. We are told that the numbers for the new venue overall are down on previous years but to help us understand if this is due to the venue or another reason, please could you take the time to reply to the poll on this post. If you wish to give your views, please do so by also commenting after you have given your vote. If you wish to remain anonymo
  19. Mk2Jo


    Very interesting!
  20. Oh how cute! I love guinea pigs - always had them as a child and into adulthood too (no, I don't want another one ).
  21. It could be road legal but it's a bit too feisty for the road these days so it's strictly 1/4 mile racing πŸ˜ŠπŸ‘πŸš¦
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