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    going fast and football

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  1. 100e Den


    lol.....he can eat an apple through a letterbox!
  2. 100e Den


    he is indoors eating
  3. happy birthday!! make sure he buys you something expensive
  4. have a good one mate! will share one with you later
  5. try sounds alarming in wallington..speak to richard...he knows his stuff and also owns a mark one escort.
  6. i am not going anywhere near him till hes had a fag :mrgreen:i know what he can be like when he has had a fag!
  7. 100e Den

    my old

    youve gotta get it done...you promised me a race
  8. very sad news just been playing some of her songs......brilliant voice
  9. have you done that much drag racing that your bored with it now?
  10. go on Dell...........proper old skool spirit your showing there if you need a hand..give me a shout
  11. why's that malcom? and who's gonna know. they'll know when you produce a shit burnout with a welded up diff lool dont wast e a good diff though they are getting thinner on the ground my burnouts seem to be ok.....................think i might spend 450 quid on an ATB that drops one wheel in and out half way through a donut ....................fiver for welding rods or 450 a diff that might not lock...............difficult descision
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