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  1. The model sunstar failed to build eh. Having said that they have did the subaru so they still may build this
  2. i can see hillman avengers going up in money
  3. Like that idea keeps it looking stock
  4. Thanks lads oh and wheels rotate not glues on
  5. ive the same issue so look forward to pics
  6. In the March issue i was very disapointed to find there was none of Simon Coulsons excellent Inspiration. Its the second thing i check out after the contents page in your magazine and always look forward to seeing his fab artwork (i'm sure iam not the only one). Will Simons Inspiration be returning to your mag or was Februarys his last?
  7. Ive bought classic ford since 1997 and have noticed alot of changes some ive liked some ive not, but thats progress. Iam however very disapointed with the current issue due to the lack of Simon Coulsons art work as i really like his stuff. I realise that "plastic" fords (as many see them) are to some classics and therefore will eventully end up in CF (some escos are now 20 years old ) it doesnt bother me as i like breathed on fords of all ages just so long as they dont forget the originals. Oh and there was way more built not bought cars in 97
  8. Cracking issue Can we please have more south london cars
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