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  1. http://www.oldskoolford.co.uk/ipb/index.php?/topic/80660-72-mk1-escort-mexico-custom-pack-for-sale/
  2. I don't want to sell it but I have to due to no storage! Its a genuine Mexico 49 shell and I have the invoice from factory to and some interesting history etc as well it being road tax free!!! Needs restoring and looking for around £10K to pay off the debts on the car. Location South London. Spent so much money on parts the list is long. From memory its: 155hp 2.1 Pinto Engine (Taken From Sierra Injection) (Big Spec List) Carbon/Kevlar Bonnet New Front Mexico Wing x2 (Basted and Primed) I Think A Spare Old One To x1 Doors x2 (Blasted and Primed) Boot Expressed Panel Bulkhe
  3. The car is the same as it was from the past pictures on here because I moved to Scotland so I did not do anything to it. As time goes by its harder to extract the oil from old reservoirs so it costs more to extract it and if the price goes down then its not profitable. Investors wont invest in projects if they don't get anything out of it. The amount of profit will always be debatable but as oil is running out then the need to find oil in deeper and harsher conditions will cost a lot more so naturally the price would have to be higher. If we want someone to blame, I would blame Westmin
  4. I have no options, I don't have storage and the lack of funds to keep it at the moment due to my contract at work not getting renewed because the oil price dropped by 60% and the oil industry went to sh*t. Sad times!
  5. Looks like I will have to sell the Escort due to no storage and a lack of funds at the moment.
  6. Hello, Are there any old skool meet ups in Aberdeen?
  7. Not quite finished yet but i have been busy finishing university, now i am done with it and got myself a machanical engineering degree Time to start on the mex again.
  8. A bit more done today. I will finished it off next week.
  9. I welded up the holes today and did some grinding.
  10. I got part of the drip rail off the pillar today that I needed.
  11. Its a busy time at uni but I do bits and pieces when I can. This is what ive got to fix. Sometimes there is nothing to go by as some bits have rotten away completely I think ill use the whole panel after looking at the rotten one
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