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  1. Put a V8 in it!!! theres no excuse for putting gay engines in if your swaping it!
  2. well i've got 4 bottles of 80/90 left over from when I had a viva with a leaky box so in the interests of not spending any money thats what its getting
  3. What oil do i put in a type 9 5 speed?? 80/90 do it?
  4. ratfink

    Paint help

    I would respray the whole car in one go...because what thinners you use and how much thinners you put in when you mix the paint will make a difference to how satin the paint is when you spray it. Therefore when you paint the back it won't match the front anyway! It sounds like you are not over lapping the paint enough when you spray it, or are you using rattle cans?
  5. Do you think they'll sell at a tenner inc. postage? What were you selling them for with the postage? cheers
  6. Postage looks like it will be a fiver so that would make them a tenner all in Is this a fair price? I havn't bought shoes for UK cars in years and we sell old yank shoes a £50 plus postage.
  7. Hi guys, Can anybody tell me what factors charge for MK1 Fiesta brake shoes? I've found some old stock at work and i've been told to sell them off cheap (we do parts for american cars so we'll never sell them otherwise) so I need a guide price. Cheers
  8. ratfink


    all chevettes where RWD...now go and buy one! Or even better get a Viva
  9. Possibly something flathead powered...???
  10. ratfink


    You can't sell that!!!
  11. You have put the passenger seat in the back?! You really know how to treat a lady
  12. Get underneath and look...i'd imagine some chimpanzee has welded two old props together!
  13. Im so jealous....get those MFP stripes on it asap!!!!
  14. I will have to film my mate do it....seat doesn't come out and all he uses is plyers!
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