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  1. cossie engines are pretty expensive but they are dam good, id go with a borg warner T5 gearbox from a 2wd sapphire cossie and im not 100% but i dont think the tunnel would need modifying for this.... if i was sourcing the parts and doing the conversion i wouldnt give you much change from £6000
  2. andyGT

    What axle?

    i would just try welding it up rather than changing the whole axle
  3. theres one fitted with the bumper thats from fibresports prob best dig around the net for capri body kits, i have seen quite a few about so they are available i dont think it would take a lot to just make one or modify something to fit
  4. im currently stuffing one in a mk3 capri and ive seen one in a mk1 escort before, is a massive ammount of options available in this route as its quite commonly done in kit cars etc...
  5. cheers, must say though i have got the next project planned already but i know i wont want to sell this one !
  6. just throw a load of waxoyl up the hole and leave it ! you can get rear skirts to cover them or plate them over or leave them as they are, ill just be leaving mine i think
  7. if economy is what your after i wouldnt use carbs have you thought about using an i4 engine from a mk5 or mk6 RS2000 ? you can get them pretty cheap now decent exhaust/air filter and get rid of the EGR and if your lucky youll see 180 ponies, they fit the capri gear boxes as standard and all you may have to change is the clutch bearing - some of them just take to being tuned stupidly well - ive seen removing EGR alone get them up to 170bhp but tbh you have to do a lot to them to get them past that point theyre supposed to be 150bhp but usually they make more than 155 on the rollers and they have a very high torque to power ratio so its probably more suited to RWD and you get to stick with a ford lump ! but very nice looking engines too however i am probably biased
  8. Yesterdays progress... and new exhaust...
  9. thought id start a proper project post for this so here goes... bought the car about 2 years ago for £100 when i found it sitting in a field where it had been for 4 years, cleaned it up and found very minor rot which was pretty unexpected this ones rusted from the outside inwards aswell which ive never seen before ! i put a new starter on and charged the battery and it fired up for a few seconds before the cambelt snapped, so new cambelt on and set the timing and it started up fine but was a bit rough so i dropped in a different engine and got it taxed and tested and used it for about a year before i decided to strip it and start rebuilding - its been sitting on bricks for about a year now but im nicely on the way to fitting a stage 3 TVR V8. also thought id treat it to a bit of bodywork so i got a half X pack heres a few pics of things so far...
  10. nice one, cheers ive got a couple of rover v8 bellhousings, one which has been converted to take a type 5 gearbox but the type 9 doesnt go anywhere near it ! lol might go for the LT77 box but was just finding theyre really rare in rwd, just spent all my money on nitrous bottles now but at least i get paid tomorrow so i can start the hunt for an SD1 box carpet isnt really a problem for me im stripping the whole interior out !
  11. dam, glad mine wasnt as rotten as that my welding is crap ! i only had to take like half an inch off ! lol spot on that though
  12. andyGT


    ahhh, yeah i have the club front spoiler the wide one for X pack, its pretty good but they do need a bit of trimming to fit around the top, far as i know theyre made by fibresports, think they do all the cci stuff but i have the half X pack clube wide front spoiler with splitter duck tail and sideskirts off them and its all pretty good, the X pack definately needs a good bodyshop to fit it through but id say the front spoilers are a pretty easy job
  13. good idea to put a jack or something under prop shaft cos i thought i could take the weight of it on one arm laid on my back and put my shoulder out nicely !
  14. andyGT


    i have an RS3100 duck tail, looks pretty good to me but i need to modify it to fit anyway if your after the rubber standard laser one i've got one you can have, is in good condition but i just dont need it got loads on ebay for £1 no reserve aswell because i just dont have space to keep it all, door cards and trim etc...
  15. nice one, cheers also is there anywhere that does new leaf spring front eye bolts ? i have my original ones in decent condition but id rather not use them again after the effort of getting them off !
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