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  1. M12 x1.5 fine pitch bolt. 19mm head.
  2. Yeah that IS a pretty dumb question. Pinto
  3. I'm keeping the squares on mine, little bit different. Besides it helps with the grandad image until I put my foot down
  4. Does anybody know what size/thread the bolt is for the bottom pulley, I need a longer one.
  5. Turbo the 2.0, have a look on turbo sport forums.
  6. After they dipped the shell to get rid of all the crap, do they dip it again in an etch primer or something similar? Me likes.
  7. Yup I bought it back in october Ah so it hasn't been published yet then? Will get myself a copy. G'wan the 4's!
  8. Just wondering if anybody has the issue of Retro Ford (Sep/Oct 2006 I think) that features the pinto conversion on a MK2 4 door ghia. Even if it were just a scan, though If I could get hold of a copy I would be eternally in your debt
  9. Nice. Did you have to seperate those TB's and modify the fuel rail? or do the centres line up with the ports on the head?
  10. Interested in putting bike carbs on my 2.0 pinto, looks like a Bogg brothers manifold and R1 carbs are the most pupular choice. However, not the cheapest! So I was thinking of getting a set of 40mm carbs off a GSXR or ZX then mounting them to a weber 40 intake manifold via rubber inlet manifolds. Spotted this on ebay, would make a neat install? Or even butcher my DGAS manifold to create one. In theory I think it would work, I have no access to equipment to make a proper manifold hence wanting to use the rubbers off a bike. Any advice? P.S. if anybody has a weber 40 DCOE carb or manifold would you be able to give me the dimensions between the centres of the mounting holes for the carbs and the diameter of the port.
  11. Why not just paint it there and then? Someone I know has treated the underside of his car to a high standard from bare metal with rattle cans. First coat onto bare metal was a two-part acid etch primer (can of primer and can of activator, go to a paint specialist for this) then brush some seam sealer onto the welds to fill any holes. Next coat is stonechip, then top coat to get it the right colour. You could even waxoyl it just to make sure.
  12. Be careful about the type of material you choose, some of it scratches very easily and you won't be able to see a thing.
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