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  1. 1. mrs + mr leadfoot 2. Sab6024 3. hellblue 4. Vista 5. Capriaddict 6. Mk2Griff 7. Cmpod83 ( with new suspension, tyres, wheels and a 5 speed....ooof ) 8. mk2escortmad 9. mk2harrier 10. ilovegrannys (if not away - fingers crossed i am not!!) 11. hhu595n 12. Alang (possibly) 13. Mk1_Warnzee 14. Mrp 15. duchy boy 16. fordtina3 17.dellboy22
  2. dellboy22

    If. . .

    Chav I guess as I would rather wear tracksuit bottoms and a burberry cap than nail varnish and eye liner. Besides Im not really sure what Emo's are into, music wise etc.
  3. Lee Evans rules! Saw him live a couple of years ago, my sides hurt for days after, so funny.
  4. Yeah, my monkey needs some new threads......
  5. Nice work Tris, good vid, the chap wearing a brown jumper with a red capri makes it really, dont you think?!! And i didnt see you climb that tree for the bit you filmed behind the XROC stand.
  6. Is that the one mate? Sorry the pages arent joined up, thats a bit technical for me. Having seen this car at a couple of shows last year I have got to say it is stunning.
  7. Peter Wilsons cossie mk1 capri in Dec 06 issue, stunning everything about it looks just right.
  8. I go every year and took m mk1 up there in 2005 which was a good laugh but as people have already said there is loads of knobs around who ruin for the majority. I am heading up tomorrow on the bus with a few mates so i can have a few beers and not worry about my car all weekend.
  9. dellboy22


    Im on myspace. http://www.myspace.com/davedellar
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