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  1. Riding along, singing a song.............. ...........next to a great big pylon!
  2. The most wonderfull cars from the BL range during the 70s/80s.... ok, thanks for that....carry on as you were!
  3. X-pack-Glyn


    When walk through a building/shopping complex etc i have to walk out the reverse of the exact route i walked in, otherwise it feels like ive left a trail of invisible string thats permanently tied through the building for the rest of my life.
  4. X-pack-Glyn


    Thats not OCD, thats just being a Tackle Tart, I don't do it as I'm not a 'normal carp fisherman', I'm different, I actually catch fish what about the landing net? it has to be perfectly in line with the rods... and both the spod and marker have to be perfectly line up together resting against the same branch of a tree.
  5. X-pack-Glyn


    Yes! OCD to the extreme.... When fishing i have the 3 rods on the pod and all the handles have to be lined up on the reels and the bobbins level... thats a normal carp fisherman thing though and its quite common, but what i also have to have is the reel handles lined up on the spod and marker reels too... also when setting up the pod it has to be level... this is where my OCD gets a bit OTT.. i take a spirit level with me tp make sure its level
  6. I was gona watch eastenders... but this thread is much more interesting!
  7. hey man, at least you tried... well done anyway.
  8. no, not "chucked back", carefully placed back, the fish cought are monitored for wieght, signs of disease and damage every time theyre cought.. any wounds are treated with an antiseptic treatment, you will find carp anglers are the most caring out of all anglers with the fish they catch... in fact i think we are about the only anglers to use dedicated (and expensive) padded unhooking mats and treatments... so no, it wasnt dragged un the bank, left to thrash about on the stones then slung back. to be fair though Sam i think the suns got that a bit wrong, she was fished for every day, but ra
  9. mate, steady on.... millions of carp anglers up and down the country have shed tears over it. you cant replace legends
  10. First Benson, now Heather.... Which ones next?
  11. I recived unfortunate news that Heather was found dead last week. She was 54 years old... She will be fondly missed by those that were fortunate enough to make her acquaintance, sadly i wasnt fortunate enough,
  12. i have a full 6 point one lobbed behind my shed, looks new, its a bolt in type, its certainly not FIA aproved though. if your intersted PM me.
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