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  1. Both floor pans done now. Plan on getting LOADS done this coming weekend so watch this space...
  2. Engine and box out Underside Looks pretty solid, will remove all the orange paint, see that it is good, treat it and paint it with some chassis black paint.
  3. Stripped the shell of all apart from the rolling gear, had it up on the ramp today down at the workshop, looked pretty good underneath! Am working panel by panel, first up was drivers floor pan, grinded down, treated and first coat of primer on. I'm not too bothered about a perfect surface finish on the floor as will have carpet in. Had to have a re shuffel of the garage so car could go in the middle on axle stands Will hopefully get some photos of the underside on later. The engine is shot and have never seen the gearbox working. If anyone has a known running
  4. Yeah think it must have been welded up. Not worried as will most likely be putting it in the boot anyhow. After years of reading Practical Classics, Classic Ford etc it's so exciting to finally have a project
  5. Here is my first ever complete restoration, hope it is of interest to people! £249 I paid for it. Car got delivered on Sat, the car was missing some bits of trim, door handles, front 1/4 glass and bits and bobs.....or so I thought! Opened the boot to find a small auto-jumble! Most the missing trim plus a few extras. Seats are pretty tidy and I like the colour, just need a clean and frame rubbing down and painting. Some of the parts from the boot... Had a tidy and sort out to make room for the strip down From this To this Today I had a bit of a planning
  6. Not at the moment, he loves the collection. I plan on keeping in touch with him, he organises a few classic car events down west country so if anything comes up i'l let people know.
  7. ee whaHad a really good morning collecting my 100e. The guy is a local Cornish legend! Has over 100 cars. Also the 100e is solid underneath, big big bonus! See what classics you can spot.. My new project Couple in the yard This is just a small selection, he has lots more tucked away Loading her on New home! Let the stripping begin!!
  8. Good TV if you ask me! If it was a pure sensible restoration show it would be boring as hell! Is all a bit of fun and gets classic cars some coverage
  9. Plan is to get it here and see where to go with it! Will survey it and make a plan! If the bulkhead needs work, it would be rude not to open it up eh!
  10. Cheers guys, will get a resto thread up as soon as it gets here. The second photo down, what's that bar welded on the back? I'm not familiar with these cars, to me it looks like has been welded on for use on a roll over jig? Or is that the bumper mount?! I hope it's saveable when gets here. Was last on the road in 2010 so can't be "that" bad....!
  11. Anyone know the car? Let the fun begin!! Won on Ebay for £250 without seeing it so i'm expecting the worse! Have done bits of welding, sill and arch replacements before but never a full resto. Can't wait.
  12. shame i only just saw this post,i'd have come tonight,i live in worthing so only down the road.feel free to email me gordonbrooks1@hotmail.com about future meets as i dont get on the forum much cheers
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