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  1. frenchy

    1964 ford corsair project

    have you got a price in mind
  2. frenchy


    what rs jo 😉
  3. frenchy

    Project (wtf) mk2 escort

    its the blocked air vent traps the water shocking design lol
  4. Well gents I’ve finally got back in to a proper old skool ford after selling my 100e 4 years ago, well this was bought of Retards Club and dragged out of the owners field it will need some extensive love, new quarters wings bulkhead repairs sills floor normal still undercided on what power plant, it will be going ever blue or grey same as my pop, just get ready for stupid questions lol
  5. Has the escort got I’d ?
  6. frenchy

    not been on here for years

    Got a couple of sierras and a Vw beach buggy lol
  7. frenchy

    not been on here for years

    No mate sold it and put the money in to the business,
  8. Hi guys not been on here for about 3 years good to see the old place hasn't changed 😁
  9. frenchy

    Baileymex - Thanks

    Not been on for ages couldn't reset my password but I'm shocked your steeped down mate, all the best catch up one year or so lol
  10. frenchy

    My Ambassador blue Pop

    Looking good Paul
  11. Got some more done Friday night between jobs bays easy roofs ready only drivers rear quarter abd the shell is ready for primer. The boot is under repair bonnets ready just doors next some odd pics only 5 weeks left to get it done
  12. It is nice with these but fancy some more dish
  13. Cheers guys here's the sapph
  14. frenchy

    Escort Mk2 Estate Zetec

    Spot on