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  1. The Met office weather for next Sat says cloudy, sunny on Friday so with a change in the wind............
  2. 14 years now! I have a look most days but don't have a lot to post about, but do add a comment here and there!
  3. I learnt to drive in my 1952 Fordson van, same sit up and beg shape as the Anglias prefects and later Popular, cost me £10 sold it for £5 with run out big ends! that was in 1964..... passed the test in a new Ford Anglia 1200 super! I loved that car! 😀👍
  4. My Father-in-law bought a Mk3 Cortina new in 1976, he passed away in 1998, Mother-in-law tried to sell it localy in Swindon and the best offer she got was a lady a few streets away who offered her £300, ideal to keep her chickens in she said! I collected it the next weekend! Feb 1999, so 20 years and 5 different engines later! still lovin it and used most weekends during the summer
  5. My pack arrived safely a couple of days ago!
  6. It's how far do you want to go, I was going to keep my 2.0 Cortina Crusader etats as standard, but thought I'll just change the gearbox to a type 9 for econimic crusing, and give the engine a rebore refresh, but then there was a WPE sorted cylinder head going for a good price, then it would be good to have a Retrojet throttle body and.........
  7. I enjoyed the pics, looking forward to a few months time! hopefully it will be covered again this year!
  8. It did rain a lot the last time you came to Devon! 🙄😊
  9. Yes I've got the cwp set, bought one last September, thank's for the thought though!
  10. Someone who can change and set up an Atlas diff not too far from Plymouth, I want to change mine from 3.44 to 3.09 as this would suit my car use better, also the seals need replacing, I tried the guy whos no. you gave me but no answer, dont want to pester!
  11. Hmm, thats around a 7 hour run from Plymouth, I'll keep looking!
  12. My 2,9 Mk3 (190 @ the wheels) used to have a 2.4 YB engine, 265 brake, with NOS well in excess of 300, it has a Mk5 Atlas with Capri 2.8 LSD and fostec half-shafts, it was doing 13.1 quarters with 3000 - rpm starts on a ceramic clutch, never had an issue and still runs well so up-rated Atlas would be fine!
  13. Whereabouts is Andy based?
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