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  1. I enjoyed the pics, looking forward to a few months time! hopefully it will be covered again this year!
  2. It did rain a lot the last time you came to Devon! 🙄😊
  3. Yes I've got the cwp set, bought one last September, thank's for the thought though!
  4. Someone who can change and set up an Atlas diff not too far from Plymouth, I want to change mine from 3.44 to 3.09 as this would suit my car use better, also the seals need replacing, I tried the guy whos no. you gave me but no answer, dont want to pester!
  5. Hmm, thats around a 7 hour run from Plymouth, I'll keep looking!
  6. My 2,9 Mk3 (190 @ the wheels) used to have a 2.4 YB engine, 265 brake, with NOS well in excess of 300, it has a Mk5 Atlas with Capri 2.8 LSD and fostec half-shafts, it was doing 13.1 quarters with 3000 - rpm starts on a ceramic clutch, never had an issue and still runs well so up-rated Atlas would be fine!
  7. Whereabouts is Andy based?
  8. About 20 Mk1 Lotus Cortina air boxes, they are worth a few thousand now! most owners used to ditch them and fir a gauze cleaner.........
  9. The Lotus Anglia sounds good!
  10. The grammar and English in the Pepper Pig series are very good, top actors doing the voice overs, generally moralistic as well, (just an observation! )
  11. Thanks for the reply, their products have the period look I want!
  12. I've got a Clairon long wave/medium wave radio in my Mk3 Cortina that was fitted from new, it would be good to keep the look of the radio and have DAB and Bluetooth insides, anyone used a company that does this type of conversion? or is there a period look set that could be used?
  13. Burton power latest catalogue, standard remanufactured box - £945.00, with long first gear - £1,150,00, Advertising in this months Classic Ford mag, 3J Driveline same prices, both plus delivery I guess.....
  14. There a few companies that advertise in Classic Ford mag, they are all around £1000 ish though, but a perfect strong box.........
  15. I've got my 2.0 Crusader running with a Webcon Retroject DGAS throttle body, not looking for any big power gains but ease of starting, smooth running and not tipping fuel down the exhaust pipe! all fitted now, just needs a bit more rolling road time to finish it, not a cheap conversion but I wanted to get it running as well as possible, I've been spoilt by the Jenvys on my Mk3 Tina!
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