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  1. Not EBC, but I used to have Green stuff pads in my mk3 Tina but they used to squeal a lot when stopping, swapped to Mintex, same stopping power and no squealing!
  2. I use a scissor jack, small light and very low so that it fits under the suspension when the tyre is flat, make sure that it has a wide base though.
  3. The operating temp is usually stamped into the thermostat......
  4. Just to rule it out, could be worth trying it with the thermostat removed......
  5. Hello! sounds like a plan, it's a fair distance from me but I want to get it done, I have a good 3.09 CWP set and would want any suspect bearings and LSD plates changing, early September would be good for me after all the tourists have gone home! but that would depend on your workload, whereabouts in Guilford are you based?

    Cheer's Malc.

    1. puddy


      Hi malc , give Simon a ring on 01483 532283. We are called transmission services.

      Cheers puddy.

  6. Im based in Plymouth but prepared to travel! no one localy seems to carry out this work......
  7. When I first put a 2.9 Cologne in my Mk3 I used an FX4 taxi rad, it was ok except in traffic jams and when escaping from car shows etc, I now have a big bespoke aluminuim rad fitted, had to cut into the slam panel about 25mm to give it clearance and fitted 2 Kenlow fans, it never overheats now, I did take the engine fan off to save engine power and electric fans dont come on when on the open road, as said your two fans could be working against each other.
  8. Thanks for the info, his site is under construction at the moment, but there is a pic of an Escort rally car so guess he is well acquainted with Atlas axles! have you used you used him for work?
  9. Where is the best place to get an Atlas axle re-conditioned? changing the crownwheel and pinion, bearings and slipper clutches, specialists seem to be few and far between! I would need to take the car to be worked on as I have no facillities to remove the axle.....
  10. Apparantly her campain manager is a Mr Costello..........
  11. Im not fond of Guinea pigs, my Daughter had to when she was younger, the first one used to bite me whenever it could, the second one escaped under the floorboards during some building work and died, I had to take a load of floorboards up to find the putrid remains, so not my fave pet!
  12. The club stand is laid out, as you drive into the bottom gate, turn left past the controll desk and its on the right opposite the Triumph club stand, there is an 'OSF' banner on the side of the stand, pitch no. 65 enjoy the show!
  13. An excellent day! a big thanks to Mexican Gerbil and the team for the route and planning 👍 I know it takes a lot of your free time,
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