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  1. The bodyshop repairing the wing - AM Restorations in Plymouth, made a top job of cutting out the coroded metal and welding new metal in, probably about the same cost as buying a new wing (if one could be found!) probably last as long.........
  2. and a happy belated birthday!
  3. Good to hear you are on the road to recovery! I'm getting on in years (73) I think youve' got to get things fixed as they happen, Ive had 4 new hip joints (to one side) a left knee, glaucoma fixed, cataracts fixed, on blood pressure and colostrol tabs, and waiting for a new right knee, but still working walking and driving - a bit like an old Ford, keep fitting the spares and keep going! beer helps a lot!
  4. Pic taken just outside Cortina d' Ampezzo.....
  5. Iv'e got the crossover pipe on mine and it's been fine for about 20 years or so! I did get them rebuilt by Big Red a few years ago - just because they were old........
  6. Ive got a set of 5 Mk2 Escort RS alloys - H75AB-1007-FA, in fair condition 4 fitted with Yoko A539 tyres with 5mm of tread, and 1 with a new budget tyre as the spare, what are they worth? I used to use them on my Mk3 Tina but changed them for 5 spoke 14" Revolutions....
  7. Car and Classic auctions have got two on their site, a Montreal 22 for £48 - £52,000 and a Marrone Metallizzato for £78,000.
  8. That was a fun day @ Silverstone! couldent beat the escorts though...........
  9. deltamal

    Lockdown MOT.

    Probably right, shouldent be any problems with mine as its only done 14,700 in 7 years and no advisories last year, I still dont trust them though!
  10. deltamal

    Lockdown MOT.

    The MOT is due on my daily driver, I checked the .gov status and it says due in October, they have added the 6 months on but I'm sure that the insurance company's would use this as a 'get out of jail free' card not to pay out is there was a serious accident, so its booked in anyway to be done on Thursday, perhaps I'm too distrusting?
  11. I still have my factory open as we have been designated key suppliers, manufacturing main frame computer cabinets, needed around the world their use has been diverted for new build hospitals and and resurch centres, we also supply the worlds railways with vairous hardware that fixes the signaling frames in-track, supplied to vairous locations in Europe, the States and Australia, we are observing the 2 metre rule and staggering tea breaks and start/stop times, hand wash reminders and anti bac gel, not good but hopefully it will not be for too many months......
  12. Yeah I thought again, car safe at home now the place is just about empty now, I'm still working as we supply two key company's with parts.......
  13. My Cortina is on lockdown! it's in the local bodyshop (which shut today) having some rusty spots sorted, nearly ready but not able to bring it home as the police are stopping cars to check it your journey is really necessary, fines if not! well it will give me a chance to tidy the garage......
  14. deltamal

    Hands Up!

    Calcium carbide was used to get rid of moles in the past, I've got a carbide lamp that I used to use on my hat when I was pot holing in the 60's ok till they exploded! saved up my pennies and bought an ex coal miner's knife cell from one of the mines, huge improvement!
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