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  1. I will be there again! this will be my 20th year of Powderham!
  2. The EU makes the threat of import tariffs on our exports to them, so guess we would add import tariffs on all the German. French and Italian cars and white goods? a nice Australian Ford Fairline seems a plan!
  3. Iv'e been looking to see if my Father in Laws old car is still around for a while now - RHR 717M, red Escort Mk1 poss a XL? it had the cloth seats and wood effect dash, it's not on the Gov web site so guess it's been squashed but you never know.....
  4. Very useful thread! I have a spare set with tyres, I can now identify them and get them up for sale!
  5. Black jacks and fruit salads were a farthing when I was a boy! - 1/4d
  6. deltamal


    Hi, yes I contacted him by email and he replied that there is a tapping off point at the end of the manifold but it would mean taking it off to drill and tap it, shame I didn't realoise this as the manifold was off 6 months ago to fix an oil leak! pic of my manifold and throttle bodies. <a href="http://s256.photobucket.com/user/deltamal/media/DSCF2379_zpsy8ckfd7y.jpg.html" target="_blank"><img src="https://i256.photobucket.com/albums/hh182/deltamal/DSCF2379_zpsy8ckfd7y.jpg" border="0" alt=" photo DSCF2379_zpsy8ckfd7y.jpg"/></a>
  7. deltamal


    I would get some heat eventualy though! it would also be handy in the summer traffic ques, extra cooling from the heater.........
  8. deltamal


    With the cold weather approaching I need to get some heat into the heater matrix on my Mk 3 Cortina, the engine is a 12 valve 2.9 Cologne with throttle bodies and a Ric Wood inlet manifold that has no heater outlet, would it work to tap the hot water off from the rad top hose? the return would feed back into the bottom of the block, any thoughts?
  9. The axle has now been re-built by Old Ford Auto services, 3.09 CWP fitted and set up, plates stripped and cleaned and new bearings fitted to replace the noisy ones which were badly worn, drove it back from Bracknell to Plymouth today all quiet with no problems! a job for next year will be new half shafts as the splines are worn, drag racing I guess!
  10. Mr. Ford should produce the new Capri now! suppose there would have to be a hybrid one though.........
  11. I bought mine a couple of years ago to replace my Vauxhall Combo, (which was ok) quiet, nippy and with the 1500 diesel good to drive, big load space and will take a euro pallet, I would reccomend it!
  12. Problem solved! Ive found a company who can refurbish my Atlas axle, "Old Ford auto services based in Bracknell, they are happy for me to leave the car with them to sort out, a bit of a trip but has to be done correctly
  13. Not EBC, but I used to have Green stuff pads in my mk3 Tina but they used to squeal a lot when stopping, swapped to Mintex, same stopping power and no squealing!
  14. I use a scissor jack, small light and very low so that it fits under the suspension when the tyre is flat, make sure that it has a wide base though.
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