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  1. deltamal

    OSF Tour of the Moor 2019 Official

    Mexican Gerbil x 1 (camping Vista x 2 (camping) Deltamal x1 (Tour Only) GT65 x 1 (Camping)
  2. Hi Scott, did my order go through ok for the OSF |tour? as I've not received any notification as yet, could be a slow connection my end, cheers Malc. 

    1. Vista


      Yes, received. Unfortunately a lot of the emails from the site get rejected as spam. Check your spam folder.

  3. deltamal

    OSF - Tour of the Moor 2019

    Only 17 tour packages now!
  4. deltamal

    ford Corsair

    Corsairs are few and far between! looks nice but expect some bodywork repairs, have a good look at the lower edges of the body and doors, they don't look quite straight, could be the photo though......
  5. deltamal

    fuel injection conversion

    Fuel injection is a great conversion (if you're not purist!) I've done it on my Mk3 Cortina 2.9 12 valve Cologne, replacing the standard system with triple Jenvy IDF style throttle body set up, and currently collecting the parts for fitting a Webcon 38 DGAS throttle body set up to my 2.0 Mk5 Crusader estate, both cars have had the engines rebuilt and up-rated, all bodywork has been sorted to accommodate the extra spirited driving!
  6. deltamal


    If your looking for new items, Burton power are now suppling new Princess 4 pot calipers and Capri vented discs, I've got origenal refurbished Princess ones on my Mk3 and they work well, the rear axle is from a Mk4 estate, and has the bigger drums so they are ok, to fit disc brakes on the rear is a bit more involved.
  7. deltamal


    I've been using a standard type 9 box with a 2.9 tweaked Cologne V6 (196 @ the wheels) for 5 years now with no probs, I did fit an aluminium bracing plate to replace the standard pressed steel one on the top of the box and a quickshift lever.
  8. deltamal


    I submitted my current MOT with the tax-exempt request at the post the office and received my new historic registration form with no questions, mine has been modified a little bit!
  9. deltamal

    OSF - Tour of the Moor 2019

    So that would be Saturday the 22nd of June?
  10. deltamal


    The Mk5 Crusader is the car the DGAS throttle body is being fitted to....
  11. deltamal


    Thanks for the info, its not being fitted till November so got a couple of months to sort it........
  12. deltamal


    Any recommendations for ECU's?
  13. deltamal


    Hi Scott, I will get Graham (Rawspeed) to fit and tune it all, he did a top job with converting the Mk3's Cologne engine, fitting the induction, throttle body's and linkage etc, then set it all up on his rolling road, fitting throttle body's in place of carbs makes a huge difference to the overall performance and tractability, well worth doing!
  14. deltamal


    I'm swapping the 38 DGAS carb on the 2.0 Pinto fitted to my Crusader for a Webcon retroject 38/38 Throttle body, any recommendations for an ECU engine management system?
  15. deltamal


    My Mk5 has 1" shorter springs all round, up-rated adjustable shocks, polyurethane bushes all round, it improves the handling a lot! - My Mk3 has been 5 linked with coil-overs on the back, 1" lowered up-rated springs on the front with Koni red shocks, and polyurethane bushes all round, this was essentially done for drag racing but with a V6 now fitted it's good to drive on the road with no tramping and goes around corners!