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  1. It's lots of pennies, so I'm fimishing my Mk5 crusader estate off instead, long term project! the block has been re bored, decked,crank ground and fitted wih a stage 2 head that I acuired but turns out that it was not all it could be, issues with the cam (injection), valves (standard), gas flowing (not finished) and porting that didn't match the manifold but it's being sorted now with a suitable high torque cam with the head relieved so that the oil seals dont get crushed, bigger stainless valves, correctly flowed and ported, and then the ECU re mapped on the rolling road, so should then be ni
  2. I saw it in the Burton's catalog, made by Quaif....
  3. Worth checking the speed limit for your van, a friend who drives a Transit Courier 7 cwt for the local fire brigade was recently fined with points for driving at 70 on the A38, these vans and above are restricted to 60 mph except on motorways, my Daughter in law was also fined for the same in her Ford Ranger Ute as it's classed as a Commercial vehicle, I' drive a work van which is also a Transit Courier wasn't sure so I confirmed it with the local Ford dealer, as the roadside money collectors will be out in force at this festive time its worth checking!
  4. Yes please I'll have one! but swop lager for real ale!
  5. I've got a Mk3 Tina with a 2.9 V6 from an 89 Scorpieo fitted, work done to the engine, gas flowed big valves and fitted with 6 injected Jenvy throttle bodys and DTA management, 190 @ the wheels and 30 mpg on a run, (if I dont joust!) goed like a train!
  6. So what's needed is a hydrogen conversion for old Fords.........
  7. What would a helical 6 speed sequential gearbox be like for road use?
  8. I had the Jenvy's on my nasp Cossie with nos, faultless power and driveability.
  9. Probably been asked many times here before, how can I transfer pics from my i phone?
  10. Ottery St. Mary (darkest Devon) now cancelled, but the Tour of Exmoor is going ahead! looking forward to tomorrow!
  11. Im booked in for the Tour of Exmoor next weekend and Ottery St Mary show on the 30th, first time the Cortina will have been out this year! looking forward to them.
  12. The bodyshop repairing the wing - AM Restorations in Plymouth, made a top job of cutting out the coroded metal and welding new metal in, probably about the same cost as buying a new wing (if one could be found!) probably last as long.........
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