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  1. deltamal

    RIP Peter Tork

    Sad but inevitable I suppose, I grew up with listening to the Monkies and used to watch their Saturday morning shows with s couple mates and a beer or two, enjoyed their crazy stunts! same sort of age as me so in his 70's I guess, will be missed.......
  2. I'm all signed up! not camping though......
  3. deltamal

    Cortina engine mounts

    I sourced a pair of 2.3 mounts when I fitted my 2.9 Cologne Granada engine in my Mk3, they are not easy to find but worth trying a 'wanted' post on the buysellcortina site I've found them to be a good source of Cortina parts
  4. deltamal

    What he says!

    😊You can't beat man logic !
  5. deltamal

    2019 Show List

    I guess they are getting a younger membership as well! no doubt the entry forms will appear on their club page at some time......
  6. deltamal

    2019 Show List

    The Duchy Capri club have not posted their show date yet on their site, good to have inside info!
  7. deltamal

    Workshop manuals.

    The manuals have found a good home!
  8. deltamal

    Ford workshop manuals.

    The manuals have now found a good home!
  9. deltamal

    Many happy returns Mk2Jo

    A Happy Birthday Jo! enjoy your day, lots of partying I guess! 🍸🍸
  10. deltamal


    I've got 5 spoke Revo's on both my Cortina's, I reckon they suit them well, 13's too small, 15's too big, a bit hard to find now though....
  11. I have got a genuine Ford workshop manual for the Mk2 Transit 1978 onwards volumes 1 and 2, free collection or £10.00 to cover packing and post, they are heavy! I don't really want to put them in the recycling bin! but need the space.
  12. I've got genuine Ford Transit M2 1978 onwards workshop manuals volume 1@2, free to collect (from Plymouth) £10 to cover packing and postage, or they will be recycled! which would be a shame.
  13. deltamal

    fuel injection conversion

    I've just been down to Rawspeed, we had a hold up due to the fuel sender gauge that fits in the tank leaking, finding a replacement was proving difficult but found a new old stock one on ebay that had just been posted so lucky there! guess removing it to fit the new tank upset it! we incorporated the swirl pot inside the tank so no external pots anywhere, Graham is doing the final mapping on the rolling road this afternoon so should be able to collect it tomorrow, it's making 91 brake @ the wheels 98 torque, so happy with that as it's not a wild spec engine, just makes it usable!
  14. deltamal

    Rx8 6speed box

    I'm using a type 9 with my 190 brake v6 with a 3.44 crown wheel and pinion set, it's a bit buzzy on the motorway so will be changing the crown wheel setup to a 3.09 which should sort it.
  15. deltamal

    Ford trim clips.

    Rally Designs latest catalogue has 5 pages of the various old Ford trim clips, very useful!