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  1. Yeah I thought again, car safe at home now the place is just about empty now, I'm still working as we supply two key company's with parts.......
  2. My Cortina is on lockdown! it's in the local bodyshop (which shut today) having some rusty spots sorted, nearly ready but not able to bring it home as the police are stopping cars to check it your journey is really necessary, fines if not! well it will give me a chance to tidy the garage......
  3. deltamal

    Hands Up!

    Calcium carbide was used to get rid of moles in the past, I've got a carbide lamp that I used to use on my hat when I was pot holing in the 60's ok till they exploded! saved up my pennies and bought an ex coal miner's knife cell from one of the mines, huge improvement!
  4. Guess we will keep on with the welding and patching! they sometimes appear at the auto-jumble sections of some of the shows, thats if all the shows are not canceled!
  5. Thanks for looking iI will continue the search!
  6. I'm looking for a new old stock or good reproduction front offside wing, there's a pair on ebay for £850 - a bit steep though, any ideas?
  7. Re the bog roll shortage, back in the hard up 50's, it was my job being the youngest child to tear newspaper into usable squares, make a hole in one corner for the string and hang it in the bog, it would still work now but not sure about the modern bio degradable bit though!
  8. deltamal

    Pancake day

    So what do ou have on yours? I can recommend Balsamic vinagar! sounds weird but the flavour is something else
  9. Ive got all the parts that have been modified/removed from my mk3 Cortina, when new it was a 1.3 with 4 speed box and wallowing suspension, it is now a tweaked 2.9 v6 on throttle bodys with 190 brake at the wheels, 5 speed box, power steering and sorted suspension, so it could be returned to factory but why would you? if it had been left as standard and not acquired by me 20 years ago it would be long gone as it was destined to be a chicken shed!
  10. I will be there again! this will be my 20th year of Powderham!
  11. The EU makes the threat of import tariffs on our exports to them, so guess we would add import tariffs on all the German. French and Italian cars and white goods? a nice Australian Ford Fairline seems a plan!
  12. Iv'e been looking to see if my Father in Laws old car is still around for a while now - RHR 717M, red Escort Mk1 poss a XL? it had the cloth seats and wood effect dash, it's not on the Gov web site so guess it's been squashed but you never know.....
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