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  1. Would you have changed the colour if the bonnet hadnt flown off
  2. Very well put together, puts me in the mood for some sideways action but not finished build yet!!!! Suppose ill just have to get some windmills and backspins in to your sound track instead
  3. All came apart very easily, including pistons... thanks for advice. One thing that concerns me is ive noticed one caliper is stamped 'type16' and the other just has a stamp '123'. All dimensions, bolts, bleed nipples in exactly the same place. Seems like one is a replacement....... any ideas?
  4. Thanks for response. Quite happy to split and replace all seals, but was told it can be a pig. Just wanted to know what the pig part of the job is?
  5. I've been told I might not need to split them. Will be running solid discs. Any advice?
  6. Im not sure if there are enough builds underway worldwide to sustain that number of features, but I could quite happily cope with an issue like that every month..... Variety was endless........ noticed a slightly different layout too. Colin's feature was great! Brilliant, more of the same please.
  7. Right ok, that explains it. Many thanks guys
  8. ..... can't seem to connect with business line. Anyone know of alternative number?
  9. Found these lurking in my photobucket
  10. In the mid 80s, the old man dropped a recon lump in 2dr Mk2 Escort Auto. The customer couldn't pay him so they did a deal and he gave it to mum. Even then, the 'older' boys would knock on the door asking if we would sell it! I bought lowering blocks and springs off a next dour neighbour hoping mum wouldn't notice, but Dad did and I got a major bollocking. Mum bought a brand new car on the early 90s, I passed my test and the Escort got modified albeit very late 80s early 90s stylee!
  11. If its mint as you say, 2 door, with all the right bits its at least got to be GT territory, they go for 10-19k.
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