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  1. I think I'm right in saying the 24 tooth was only used in the Transit (but don't quote me on that). As the Transit only used the Type 9 for about 18months, the chances of finding one are slim. I wanted a 24T too but couldn't find one anywhere so had to use a 23 tooth instead. The annoying bit is ages ago I had an old Transit T9 box here and sold it complete, but I didn't need it then!!!
  2. To be honest i still think it will foul your steering link. The starter position on any pinto type housing is quite low even on the double sided RS type. I'd be inclined to use a Anglia 105e bellhousing starter on right side and slightly higher up with Milton adapter kit to attach it to a type 9 or type E gearbox. This is what the Anglia boys do when retaining original steering because of the similar fouling problem. It also allows the use of a Mexico hydraulic slave cylinder to operate the clutch. The kit is the best part of £200 again though.
  3. That is only a small part of a potential large shake up. No MoT for vehicles over 30 though our government are suggesting 40 years is the way forward, and possibly enforcing the 8 point rule if they can find enough people left in DVSA to do it. Its actually called vehicles with historic interest (VHI) Oh sorry yes they're suggesting possibly self certification that your car is within the 8 points therefore qualifies as a VHI otherwise its BIVA for you. Yea you gotta love these new proposals. Bloody ridiculous. All you need for cars over 30, regardless of mods is a basic check. Brakes, lights, corrosion check, basic suspension check, anything else glaringly not right. Its all here, worth a read. https://www.gov.uk/government/consultations/roadworthiness-testing-for-vehicles-of-historic-interest
  4. Think you'll find as Vista says, the 3 litre struts are a different animal altogether. I bookmarked this page a couple of years ago when i was researching some hub/brake info. http://www.capriracing.co.uk/forum/viewtopic.php?t=826&sid=704d920b66c3e842be42fd7251c75338
  5. http://www.ebay.ie/itm/FORD-CONSUL-CLASSIC-CAPRI-STEERING-ARMS-NEW-OLD-STOCK-/131131666567 This is what Classic ones look like. http://www.ebay.ie/itm/291525735341 These are Anglia.
  6. No they are not they are completely different.
  7. Just realised this is in the wrong section if one of the mods would like to move it to general for sale stuff please. My bad for not paying attention.
  8. ***NOW SOLD**** Home made trailer (not by me). 13" wheels and working brakes on all 4. 1.5 ton hitch so take this as the legal weight limit. Dimensions 13ft x 6ft bed, overall 17ft x 7ft 2". Ramps 5ft long. Working winch, tows real nice had all sorts on this but no longer reqd. Lights all work tested this morning and legal tyres. Yes its old and needs a bit of paint and Cuprinol but then I'm not asking Brian James money. Based in Spalding. Spare wheel to be included. No swaps cash on collection. Viewing welcome by appointment. If you don't know what feet and inches are ask your parents £595 ono.
  9. Ken B


    The original 60's 70's anodise process contained arsenic. So I wouldn't be breathing the dust in if i were you. I was told all this recently when i looked at getting some similar bits re- done. No one does clear type anodise in the UK now as far as they were aware, and I ended up getting the bits acid dipped and re chromed instead.
  10. I think a lot of Dave's stuff come from a shipping/handling warehouse not Dave directly. Certainly some of the bits I've ordered have. Hence why I suspect there is a restocking fee.
  11. Still there with all the comments.
  12. Hi I urgently need a Corsair wheel or two. I need the V4 ones these have an extra ridge on the centres so are not quite the same as early Corsair/Cortina wheels. (see pics) Need to be willing to post unless you live in the South Lincs/Cambs area. Thanks
  13. isn't that called Ackermann where one wheel turns more than the other on full lock. They should be more or less parallel when pointing forwards though. Cant see how you bent anything unless you jacked it up on a steering arm. I would have said its nigh on impossible to have stripped the rack gear teeth too unless its been kerbed hard or the like certainly unlikely in a workshop scenario.
  14. Ken B

    Vulcan bomber

    That one at Waddington XM607 was the first Vulcan that made it to bomb Stanley Airfield during the Falklands conflict, after the other two didn't. It did two more bombing runs I think it was, hence why it has pride of place at its home base. Quite an achievement in its day considering its age even at that point and the distances involved.
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