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  1. im proud my car doesnt look like all the other crap on the road. mk3 zody ftw
  2. ok if i order more stand passes do i need to pay for more postage?
  3. is there a way of checking our order as im sure i orderd 4 tickets and 4 passes? sorry to be a pain.
  4. great looking car tho cant belive mine started out that shape then got turned into a 4seater with bunk beds
  5. that is a lot of work plus what u cant see under the skin!
  6. its now gone full circle as was blue when posse first got it.
  7. i thought that if the vehicle had been off the road ie not taxed and insured for a period of time it would still need moting before it could go back on the road. this would stop cars being dug out of hedges etc going on the road without being road worthy.
  8. just to point out that the one ive seen done didnt move the bulkhead back. not really sure what he done to get the steering and sump around each other.
  9. let us know how u get on as im going down this route with my mk3 zodiac. tho dont think the measurements will swap between the two. mine wont even see the workshop for a year or two. there was a green mk2 consul round here that had a v6 in it. he kept the stock suspension and x member. but added a capri i think xmember further forward just to mount the engine on. just remember if it does have discs on a mk2 there like rocking horse crap, best thing is if u keep it on the 5 stud there american 4.5in on 5stud so u can get some great american wheels on there. if theres anything i can do to help
  10. probaly like the rest life getting in the way of getting on here. trying to get on with our cars but bit off more than i can chew tbh. now lack of time our own place and getting wed in march is taking its toll. went to speedshack today so all is good.
  11. a few recent pics of my estate. more banger than road car at the moment but its getting there
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