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  1. thanks for the comments peeps . that kinda talk makes it all worth while
  2. purple escort was built by me (which i still own)(now up for sale) i got it featured in july 99 classic ford where it was on the front cover i live in haverhill suffolk
  3. yep thats my scort (up for sale if ya want it) right photos..
  4. right o will have to be at the weekend , will take too long to scan them + upload watch this space
  5. when i bought it , i got given every mags magazine it was in as they was building her + the chap that has done the floor resto took extensive photos of his build . Just leaves me to finish off what he started
  6. no , efi long gone . now just a rolling shell (has been for at least a year)
  7. no it was a 1600 sport , but when they bought it was silver with harrier stripes
  8. hi all anyone remeber the old revs mag mk2 escort they built in the mid 90's . Orange with forest arches ....... its now mine needs alot of work now though , but has just undergone an extensive floor resto inc 5 link rear set up . i have a spare cossie engine that is going up front . will try & get photos up asap
  9. i am interesed . mk2 front + rear adjustables (5 linked back end)
  10. thanks for the comments guys , I dont know why i havent used it for a couple of years . i gave it a quick blast (up a private road ) today . It felt great to be rwd again . I think i am abit concerened about the whole credit crunch thing , being self employed & all that . Then just seeing the escort sit their gavering dust - Oh well i have started the ball rolling for selling her now . Have to see what happens - As long as she goes to a good home .
  11. i have a spare cossie engine i was saving for the old girl , the plans were there but everytime i went to start it felt like i was cutting a piece of me , might haveto do it with another shell
  12. it just seems a shame for it 2 sit there . it has been available to use for the last 2 years but i have choosen not to . i dont want it to sit there and become a barn find in 10 years time
  13. what with my escort cosworth , 2 motorbikes , 3 other vehicles and a business to run , i havent used her 4 the last 2 years and cant see me having any time to tinker . i would love to 5 link & cossie it but she is a bit to attached to me to start hacking with a grinder
  14. just put the mk2 up for sale - i think i am gonna cry . had her for 13 years why or how do we get attached to lumps of metal that cost us a fortune , many arguments with the wives & lots of pain!!
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