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  1. Whats that car behind the black Capri?
  2. Chav night! Does that mean i can come in my X R 3 ?
  3. I've got a set of S.Sport alloys for sale. They could do with a refurb though.
  4. I did think long and hard about it. I chose the 1.6 because; It looks almost exactly the same as the 1.3, but goes a hell of a lot better. The 1.3 just doesn't give enough power for todays traffic. To most people looking under the bonnet, they wont even know its not a 1.3. I'm trying to keep it original, but to the spec i want. At least i'm not putting a cvh in it!.......that would be ruin in it!
  5. Under going rebuild as we speak. Got it backed in the garage at the moment with no engine, box or suspension. Going to fit mk1 xr2 engine and box. [/img]
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