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  1. well i broke my 'Old skool' show-cherry yesterday, and compared to the normal RS shows i attend, ( i have a FRS) the old skool atomosphere was soooooo much better! i find the RS shows are tooo clicky , yesterday was chilled, and twice the size of central day in april! so it got 10 out of 10 for me!
  2. We go down the A13 and through the limehouse link, should be around that area around 7.15pm. You can join us from there if you like okey dokey. i will be in a FRS. H20LRW.
  3. 1.kevmk2 2.lotusless 3.100edave 4.stuartp 5.russ105e 6.Pig 7.Wayne WPE 8 Kev16v 9 Jed 10 Josh 11 Mk1 Mark 12 2litreScapri 13 tommy2ltr 14. LTP which way do you lot go? as i live the south side of the blackwall funnel? could i follow you lot up?
  4. i will be there.. but in my new skool ford ( focus RS ) so me.
  5. was our first time, felt a bit left out as im OSF less.. had to slum it in the wifes Ranger.. but some lovely OSF's there and will be at the next one.
  6. Your doing well mate! love a mk2 'Tina! keep at it mate! Lennie
  7. what car, what colour, what prep?
  8. not in essex mate, but my father in law is sh*t hot.... in london tho.. and i know some one who can deliver and collect!
  9. Ltp

    Look at....

    lil blue 'magic' pills not that i know what they are for...
  10. Ltp

    Look at....

    lil blue 'magic' pills
  11. oi!! never mentioned you had that! i need bits!!
  12. Ltp

    Sell the tig

    they break up well if you dont sell it whole, by brother in law breaks em all the time!
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