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  1. I’m after any Ford cologne engines complete with gearboxes or not And mt75 gearboxes from mk3 Granada/Sierra cable linkage not hydraulic mk1 Granada steering wheels and coloumns or any spare bits you may have kicking around message for details
  2. I’m after a straight nose cone for a pop if anyone has one closer to Guildford the better thanks H
  3. Sorry I must of been confused, I’m sure some LDV/transit boxes have the gear stick on top Thanks H
  4. Hi do you guys make the under bonnet repair panel for a mk2 cortina? thanks h
  5. The Sierra and transit i4 box’s are both mt75s the transit version has the gearstick on the top, Sierra version has the gearstick on the back. If you have the Sierra version with the cable style clutch arm I’d be intrested in it thanks h
  6. I have a 2.8 cologne engine fitted with a type 9 if that’s of any intrest, based near Guildford
  7. I’m after a Ali rocker cover for my crossflow if someone has one tucked away, tia
  8. I’m after a mt75 gearbox with the cable linkage for a project, or a sensibly priced type9 Surrey area but can travel tia H
  9. I have got a 3.7 near Guildford, £200
  10. HI I'm after complete 2.8 v6 engines, Webber or Pierburg 38 carburettors and 2.8 carb inlet manifolds also gasket sets or any other related parts. Surrey,Sussex hants area Ideally but will travel. PM or comment with what you have. Thanks, Harry
  11. Ricky Hutchins brother i think he's taken some awesome photos of brands aswel ! love the first photo though Wessie
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