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  1. I’m after a Ali rocker cover for my crossflow if someone has one tucked away, tia
  2. I’m after a mt75 gearbox with the cable linkage for a project, or a sensibly priced type9 Surrey area but can travel tia H
  3. I have got a 3.7 near Guildford, £200
  4. HI I'm after complete 2.8 v6 engines, Webber or Pierburg 38 carburettors and 2.8 carb inlet manifolds also gasket sets or any other related parts. Surrey,Sussex hants area Ideally but will travel. PM or comment with what you have. Thanks, Harry
  5. Ricky Hutchins brother i think he's taken some awesome photos of brands aswel ! love the first photo though Wessie
  6. enough said get it done looking forward to seeing that! Oh yes DO IT
  7. make her get the bill
  8. your getting payed to read retro ford, dont complain !
  9. Dartford Rebore 15 Overy Street, Dartford Kent DA1 1UP 01322 220634 or 01322 228932
  10. Harry128

    l@@k at this

    looks pretty cool but the ad doesnt say what car the lap is going to be in?
  11. http://video.kenblockracing.com/flash/small_player/preloader.swf?vendor_id=204&media_id=9183&bgcolor=FFFFFF&autoplay=0
  12. i went and thought they were good! aldershot isnt a very good track for overtaking though! that no23 anglia definatly wasnt shy of throwing it around abit
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