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  1. I saw this on Friday and it is superb. Thoroughly enjoyable and no CGI. I have read a few grumblings about storyline and script, but, erm... it's Mad Max, what did you expect?! It is the first 3D film I have actually enjoyed, too. Perfect mindless entertainment.
  2. This sounds right up my street while the Capri is off the road. Looking forward to pictures.
  3. The whole thing is Mk1 Toyota MR2 with the body cut off and the Fiesta welded in place. Well, more or less the same place.
  4. Respond well to forced induction and all the parts are easily enough sourced
  5. It's Ok, years of working with me has conditioned him to expect far worse.
  6. I've got an axle to collect and then fit and I'll be good to go. Oh, and could probably use a new tank strap to replace that ratchet strap while I'm under there...
  7. First report and you managed to make reference to underpants; excellent work, a solid début.
  8. Preferably not with 3:09 CWP as it's gash, but will take what I can get. Complete unit preferred as I'm too backwards to replace and set-up a diff unit, but could probably manage an axle swap... Ta.
  9. 1. XjamesX - Mk2 Escort 2. XjamesX - Ford 100e 3. Mark W - Mk2 Escort 4. Sidspop's Doris -107e Prefect 5. Sidspop - Thames 400e truck 6. robmaeer001 - mk2 escort 7. robmaeer001's dad - mk2 escort RS 8. Rallye - Mk1 Escort 9. Alan G - Mk3 Zodiac 10. Monkfish - Mk3 Capri
  10. I haven't seen any bad language, which is unfortunate as I love a bit of the old potty mouth. The only offensive behaviour I've seen is the xenophobia expressed by you towards our good, upstanding residents of the home counties. In other news, I'm frankly appalled that nobody has seen fit to organise a club meeting within 5 miles of my house.
  11. The only cleaning a man should do is polishing his co... No, no, I'll leave it there.
  12. Some people believe that the act of chopping springs results in the death of kittens, but I've seen no conclusive proof. I think it's giving gravity a budget helping hand - go for it...
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